Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Fatherhood and Other Dreams

Fatherhood and Other Dreams is the fourth Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 47th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's unlocked after completing the Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor mission. To start the mission, you need to read Mary Linton's new letter, which is found in Arthur's room at Shady Belle, and then head over to Saint Denis.

In her letter, Mary is asking for Arthur's help once again. This time, however, it's not about her brother, but about her father, a man Arthur utterly despises. Speak with the woman in Saint Denis to learn more about her father. Agreeing to help her will begin the mission.

Mr. Gillis can be found near the stables, but seeing Mary and Arthur will not stop him from continuing doing what he has in mind. Go after him, but don't get too close, as doing so will fail the mission.

Some time after wandering in the streets of Saint Denis, Mr. Grillis will be seen selling a brooch to a man. This brooch belonged to his wife and Mary's mother. The woman cannot take it any longer and will confront her father. In the meantime, Arthur will have to recover the brooch.

To get the Gold Medal for the mission, you need to take over and drive the carriage to a secluded spot within 1 minute and 45 seconds. To clear the objective, you need to jump on the nearest horse as soon as you gain control of Arthur after the previous cutscene and ride hard after the carriage. Get close to jump on it, and then head over to the marked place on the map.

Arthur will have a choice now on how to proceed. He can either beat the guy to get the brooch back or pay him $100. If you choose the latter, you will get a significant boost in Honor.

Once the brooch is recovered, Arthur will return to Saint Denis automatically. Mary will thank him and ask him if he wants to go to the theater with her. You can refuse her, of course, but you will not get the Gold Medal for this mission, as agreeing to go to the theater with Mary is the last Gold Medal requirement for the mission. It doesn't matter if you leave early, just agreeing will be enough to clear the requirement.

Once out of the theater, the mission will be complete.

Help a Brother Out

Help a Brother Out is an optional Honor Story Mission in Chapter 4. The mission isn't required to complete the Chapter but it is for getting the Lending a Hand trophy. The mission also comes with a Gold Medal, so you need to complete it if you are aiming to get them all. The mission, which is marked a Stranger Mission on the map, becomes available after completing The Joys of Civilization mission. To start the mission, you need to speak with the monk located in the northeastern part of the city.

When speaking with the monk, who's known as Brother Dorkins, he will ask Arthur for a donation. Giving him money will improve Arthur's Honor rating. The man will also inform Arthur that slavery is still prominent in the city and that there are some people about to be sold.

Arthur will agree to help, and he will have to head over the nearest Fence, as the shopkeeper is the one getting ready to sell people into slavery.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to complete it within 2 minutes and 45 seconds. You also need to find the captives without threatening the storekeeper. As there is a time limit, finding the captives without any help is also the quickest way.

To find the captives, simply interact with the red book on the shelf to reveal a hidden basement. Free the two captives and bring them back to Brother Dorkins, who will thank Arthur profusely. Arthur's Honor rating will also improve considerably.

Brothers and Sisters, One and All

Brothers and Sisters, One and All is yet another optional Honor Story Mission in Chapter 4. The mission may be skipped, as it's not required to complete the Chapter, but it's mandatory for getting the Lending a Hand Trophy / Achievement. The mission also comes with a Gold Medal.

The mission is unlocked after completing the Help a Brother Out optional Honor Story Mission in Chapter 4. To begin the mission, you need to talk with Brother Dorkins and Sister Calderón in Saint Denis.

At the beginning of the mission, both the brother and the sister are teaching some kids to read. The lesson, however, is soon interrupted by another kid who steals the sister's crucifix and then runs away.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to get to the kid within 19 seconds, which is, thankfully, not all that hard. As soon as you regain control of Arthur, get to the end of the street, turn left and then right. You will see that the kid has been stopped by another man who was pickpocketed by the kid himself. Intervene to defuse the situation and recover the crucifix.

Sadly, troubles are far from being done. After an unfortunate run-in, Arthur will be chased by lawmen. Just get as far as possible from the scene of the crime, and then start heading back to the church to hand the crucifix back to Sister Calderón. As the law is searching for you, you cannot get directly to the front of the church. Just keep checking the minimap and make sure to be as far away from the lawmen's cone of vision as possible.

Once back at the church, Arthur will hand back the crucifix and complete the mission.

Money Lending and Other Sins V

Money Lending and Other Sins V is the fifth Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 48th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. The mission is unlocked by completing The Joys of Civilization, the first Story Mission in Chapter 4. To start the mission, you need to talk with Leopold Strauss at the Shady Belle camp. Like the previous parts, there is no Gold Medal for this mission.

In this mission, Leopold Strauss will ask Arthur to recover some money that has yet to be paid back to the Van der Linde gang. For this mission, the outlaw will have to locate a single individual, a fisherman called Algie Davison. The man can be found to the southwest of Shady Belle, in Catfish Jacksons.

Unlike the other debtors, Algie Davison will put up no resistance. He's setting on the shore, evidently depressed, and tells Arthur that the money he owes the gang can be found in his house. Once inside, he offers Arthur a drink, and soon after tries to attack the outlaw. Take care of him and go after his son, who will reveal that there's some money hidden inside a chest next to the bed. Open the chest to recover the money, then head back to the camp at Shady Belle to put it into the Tithing Box. Once this is done, the mission will be complete.

The Gilded Cage

The Gilded Cage is the sixth Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 49th Story Mission in the whole Red Dead Redemption 2 story campaign. The mission is unlocked after completing the Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor mission earlier the same chapter. To start the mission, you need to talk to Hosea at the Shady Belle camp.

Now that the Van der Linde gang seems to have gotten into the good graces of Angelo Bronte, it's time to take advantage of this. The man running Saint Denis invited Dutch at a party that will be held at the mayor's mansion which other notables of the city will attend, and this is the perfect opportunity for the gang to start making connections that may become profitable. After speaking with Hosea at the camp, Arthur, Dutch, Hosea himself and Bill will get ready for the party.

Once at the manor, the mayor's butler will welcome the outlaws, take their weapons and guide them through the manor. At one point, Arthur and Dutch will go meet with Angelo Bronte, who will point out several important persons before giving the outlaws leave to join the party. Dutch and Arthur will meet up again with Hosea and Bill before splitting up again to mingle.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, Arthur will have to pour some drinks, compliment a guest’s attire, accept a gift and save a life while mingling at the party. This effectively means that you will have to engage in several different events.

North of the stairs will be three women standing near a table with champagne. Fill up their glasses to clear the first event. Close to the table with the champagne, there is a woman with a tall feathered hat. Compliment her to clear the second event. To the north of the woman you have to compliment, you can interact with two men who are talking about cabaret. Interact with them to make them give you tickets for a show. To the west of the stairs from where you began mingling there is a man with a top hat who is choking. Interact with him to save his life and clear the final event.

When this is done, you can talk with the mayor, who will be surrounded by people. At some point, a drunk guest will start harassing the mayor, and Arthur will have to take him away. Bring the man to the marked area on the map and return to the mayor, who will be then notified to have received an important message from Leviticus Cornwall.

As the message may be about the Van der Linde gang, Arthur decides to get the message before the mayor can. To do this, he will have to follow his servant. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you will have to follow the servant without being detected. This isn't particularly difficult to accomplish.

Outside the manor, always keep a good distance from the servant. Once inside, always make sure to wait for the servant to do his rounds and talk with others, as that will ensure that you will be able to slip by unnoticed. Once on the second floor, wait for the servant to open the door, put the message inside a drawer and move to another room. When the coast is clear, interact with the desk and go back the way you came to reunite with the other gang members and leave the mansion. Mission complete.

A Fine Night of Debauchery

A Fine Night of Debauchery is the seventh Story Mission in Chapter 4 and the 50th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. The mission is unlocked right after completing The Gilded Cage mission. To start the mission, you need to talk with Josiah Trelawny in Saint Denis.

By talking with Trelawny, Arthur will learn that there is plenty of money to be made by conning a particularly rich man who will be attending a river boat party. As many notables in Saint Denis will participate, Trelawny requires Arthur to purchase a new outfit. Follow him to the tailor and purchase the Whittemore outfit. You won't have to pay anything out of your pocket, so don't worry if you're short of money.

The outfit is only the beginning, as Trelawny will require Arthur to get some grooming done. Head to the barber to get your hair cut and a good shave, and then hop onto the carriage to get to the docks.

At the docks, Arthur will have to give up on his weapons to avoid causing any trouble. Trelawny will also reveal some more information about the plan, which involves playing poker against the target. The dealer is in on the game, and Strauss will be nearby to give Arthur hints. If you're aiming to get the Gold Medal, however, you will need to win the game without Strauss's help.

To win without any help, simply fold the first hand and then start going in every following hand. The target, named Desmond Blythe, will lose all his money, but will not give up, as he will bet his precious watch. Go all-in once again, and he will lose the watch as well.

Since he doesn't have it at hand, he will ask Arthur to follow the pit boss to the safe where it is stored. Follow him to the safe and wait for him to open it. Javier, who was posing as one of the guards, will knock down the other guard. Arthur will then disarm the pit boss and start looting the safe. Unfortunately, the man had two guns, Arthur will be forced to kill him. Dead Eye will activate automatically here, so you won't have problems killing the man.

The whole ship is now under alert, but you are still able to slip by unnoticed by the incoming guards. Just make sure to put your gun away. Back on the main floor, you will see Trelawny arguing with Blythe, but before you can do anything, a shootout will begin.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you will have to escape the boat in under 35 seconds, get 5 headshots and complete the mission without taking any health item. As you have a very strict time limit, you need to stay in Dead Eye as much as possible to take down enemies with headshots as well as avoid getting damaged. You can use Dead Eye items without any limitation, as long as they don't affect the Health bar or Core. On the way out, you will be followed by guards, so take them down quickly or just ignore them if you have enough health to take some shots.

Once outside the main room, Arthur and his fellow gang members will jump into the river and reach the dock after a bit of a swim. Mission complete.

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