Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Country Pursuits

Country Pursuits is the 11th story mission in Chapter 4 and the 54th story mission in all of Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission is unlocked after completing the Urban Pleasures mission earlier in the chapter. To begin the mission, you must talk with Dutch at the Shady Belle hideout.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Dutch's plans are almost set in stone, but he is convinced that Angelo Bronte is going to be a problem, so he wants to take him out before pulling off the bank robbery in Saint Denis. To reach his mansion undetected, he needs someone to row members of the gang in a boat to the mansion, and he knows the perfect man for the job. Once he is done explaining the course of action, Dutch will ask Arthur to accompany him to meet this man.

After you regain control of Arthur, follow Dutch to the marked location on the map. Here, you will make the acquaintance of Thomas, who is willing to row the Van der Linde gang outlaws into the mansion in Saint Denis, but he first needs to talk about a matter with his partner Jules and collect crawfish from the traps.

While collecting crawfish, Thomas will warn you about alligators. You will also meet a few while checking the traps: just make sure to stand still when you see one passing nearby and you will be fine.

After checking a few traps, Thomas is getting worried, as Jules is nowhere to be found. Dutch suggests that they should split up to search for him, sending Arthur on the search as well. Once you regain control, head over to the yellow-marked area on the map and press the button shown on screen to call out. Eventually, Jules will respond: follow his voice and you will find him on a branch of a tall tree.

Once beneath Jules, Arthur will tell him to get down, but the man will not budge, as he is extremely afraid of a monster that's been roaming the swamps and that has attacked him. Seeing that he is not getting in the water in any way, Arthur decides to recover the skiff to make Jules jump down from the tree.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Head over to the marked location on the map to reach the skiff and watch a cutscene where Arthur releases the boat from the fallen tree, with Dutch and Thomas catching up shortly after. Row back to Jules' location to make him board the skiff. It will take a bit of convincing, but he will eventually jump off the tree. Sadly, it seems like he was right about the monster in the swamps, as he gets pulled down as soon as he reaches the water.

You must now save Jules and get him back on the skiff and you have to do this quickly if you want to get the Gold Medal for this mission, as you must return Jules to the skiff within 1 minute 40 seconds. It's a bit difficult to clear this requirement, as you will be wandering in the dark, but it's definitely doable if you pay attention to the water, as Jules' head will be sticking out and he will also call out. If you are not quick enough, however, his position will change, making you lose precious time. Once you manage to find Jules, Arthur will carry him on his shoulders. Head back to the skiff as quickly as possible to clear the Gold Medal requirement.

Once at the skiff, Dutch will pull Jules up, and Arthur will get ready to fight the beast that's wandering the swamps. To get the Gold Medal, you must shoot the Bullgator five times, which is not too difficult to do with a full Dead Eye bar. The easiest way to clear this requirement is to use a rifle upgraded with a scope, such as the Bolt-Action rifle: just activate Dead Eye when the beast emerges from the water, aim with your scoped rifle, activate Dead Eye and let loose.

Once the Bullgator disappears for the first time, follow the button prompts to treat Jules' wounds. After this, you will get another chance to shoot at the Bullgator five times if you haven't been able to do so earlier.

After the monstrous alligator disappears under the water the second time, a cutscene will play and the mission will be complete.

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten is the 12th story mission in Chapter 4 and the 55th story mission in all of Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. This mission is unlocked right after completing the Country Pursuits mission. To start the mission, you must speak with Dutch in Lagras.

Thomas and Jules have recovered from the ordeal with the Bullgator and are now ready to honor the agreement they made with Dutch. Head over to Thomas' dock to board the boat together with Dutch, John, Bill, and Lenny. After a short while, you will be in Bronte's mansion, and the mission to kidnap its powerful owner will begin.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it without taking any health item. Doing this in this mission is slightly easier than in others, as there's plenty of cover in the mansion and the surrounding areas.

Once near the mansion, Dutch will split his men into two groups, sending Arthur and John together to the left of the mansion. Follow him making sure to stay low, to avoid getting spotted by guards until you reach a couple that cannot be avoided. John will ask Arthur about how to proceed: choose the option that allows you to take care of them, as you must get 20 headshots to obtain the Gold Medal for the mission, and the two guards are extremely easy targets, compared to those later in the mission.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Killing the two guards will put the whole mansion on high alert. Continue following John and make sure to stay behind cover as needed to avoid getting damaged. There are a couple more guards on the balcony, so take them down with headshots to make some progress toward the Gold Medal requirement.

After you reach the manor's entrance, you will meet up again with Dutch, Bill, and Lenny. Open the door to enter the mansion and start searching for Angelo Bronte. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must search all the rooms in the mansion, which are marked on the map. Start with the rooms on the first floor, and make sure to always have a full Dead Eye bar, as there are enemies hidden inside some of them.

Once you are done with the ground floor, proceed to the second floor. Make sure to open the rooms to the right and left first, as the central one will make the mission proceed to the next phase. In this room, the gang will find Bronte: John will knock him out and Arthur will carry him on his shoulders. To get the Gold Medal, you must carry Bronte to the skiff within 1 minute and 30 seconds. Since you must avoid getting too much damage as well, run straight for the skiff and let your companions deal with enemies unless you need to get a few more headshots for the Gold Medal requirement. If this is the case, use Dead Eye as much as possible to waste as little time as possible.

Once at skiff, a cutscene will play, Angelo Bronte will be dealt with and the mission will be complete.

Banking, the Old American Art

Banking, the Old American Art is the 13th and final Chapter 4 mission and the 56th mission in the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. This mission is unlocked right after completing the Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten mission. To begin the mission, speak with Dutch at the Shady Belle hideout.

Now that Angelo Bronte has been taken care of, it's time to rob the bank in Saint Denis to get the money needed for the gang to start a new life away from North America. After speaking with Dutch, the gang will ride out in full force toward Saint Denis. Hosea and Abigail have gone ahead scouting, and they will make the report once you have reached the bank.

A diversion will be needed to get into the back. Speak with Bill when you are ready to start the mission for real. Equip your mask by accessing the weapon wheel, and enter the bank.

Once inside the bank, all people inside will be forced into the office in the back. The manager will remain in the main room, so threaten him to make him lead you to the safe. Here, you will have to open it following the combination provided by the manager himself.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must open the safe without making any mistake. The correct combination is 19, 72 and 54. Rotate the dial to the left slowly, and use the controller's vibration to guide you in picking the right numbers. Once the safe is open, things will start going badly. Real badly.

John will warn Arthur of troubles. The Pinkertons have arrived in force and they have captured Hosea. What's more, you won't have the time to save him, as he is shot dead. The gang must now focus on escaping from the bank alive and dealing with the Pinkertons. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete the mission without taking any health items, using only sidearms and get 25 headshots. Getting these headshots can be difficult with a sidearm, as they don't have the best accuracy, so use Dead Eye as often as possible to clear the requirement.

Chapter 4 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

A short while after the fight begins, reinforcements will start coming, and it becomes clear that it will be impossible to kill all enemies. Dutch will give Arthur dynamite to create another escape route: place it on the wall, run behind the desk and shoot the stick to make it go off and clear the path.

Once outside, you will be given a rifle by Javier, but remember to switch back to sidearms if you want to get the Gold Medal for the mission. After reaching the roof, you must continue shooting down enemies, so use this chance to get a few more headshots for the Gold Medal requirement. Eventually, you will also have to deal with a Gatling gun, so make sure to stay behind cover and shoot only when it's absolutely safe.

The rest of the gang will join you on the roof after the Gatling gun has been taken care of. John will not be there, however, as he has been captured. Follow Dutch on the rooftops until Lenny is killed. You will go into Dead Eye automatically, so use this chance to get two more headshots. Once the enemies are dealt with, continue following Dutch until you reach a building where you can wait for nightfall.

After the cutscene has played, Arthur, Dutch and the rest of the gang will head to the docks. Follow the gang's leader directions, always be stealthy and attract the guards' attention with whistling when required. After a short while, the gang will reach a heavily guarded point that cannot be accessed as long as the guards are there. Charles will volunteer in creating a distraction, which will help his companions get on a boat safely. After this is done, a long cutscene will play out, where Dutch and the rest of the gang discuss how to proceed. At this point the mission, and the whole of Chapter 4, will be complete. Next stop, Guarma.

High and Low Finance

Note: This mission is only available to players who bought the Special or Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2.

To accept this mission, you need to meet up with Charles at the camp near the end of the chapter. He meets with Arthur and Uncle, showing that he bought some architectural plans for the bank in Rhodes and plans to rob it. He leads the group to the location, where Arthur will suggest to approach it from the rear. Some time will pass and once it is dark, you'll head to the bank with explosives.

A patrolman is guarding the entrance, so you need to dispatch him quietly. Charles will place the explosives, and you need to pick up the spool and go back to the detonator. You can detonate after Charles tells you to, revealing the vault. The vault has one small safe and two large ones, which were damaged by the blast making them easier to open. You'll need to escape 8 mounted lawmen after this, so beeline to your horse and gallop - don't bother killing them.

The Gold Medal objectives in this mission are to finish it under 5 minutes and 45 seconds, and to take no damage when escaping after you looted the bank. Don't dally when playing this mission, simply get to each objective as quickly as you can, and don't get bogged down in a fight during the escape.

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