"Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners" Stranger Mission Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode features several optional missions called Stranger missions which see Arthur completing a variety of tasks to help various people. The Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners mission is among the simplest Stranger missions.

"idealism And Pragmatism For Beginners" Stranger Mission Guide

Quest Initiation

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners becomes available in Chapter 4 after completing The Gilded Cage story mission and receiving Lemieux's letter. This letter can be collected from any post office after getting a notification about unopened mail or parcels.

Head over to the post office in Saint Denis so that you will be close to the mission starting point, which is the mayor's house in the city.

The mayor needs some help for his political problems and wants Arthur to take care of a detractor that's spreading supposed misinformation about the mayor himself. Once Arthur agrees to help Lemieux, hop in the carriage together with Jean-Marc, who will lead you to the Art Gallery. Here, Arthur must follow a professor who must be convinced to change his views on the mayor.

Follow the professor for a short while after he leaves the art gallery. You will end up in a secluded area where you can convince the man that everything he thinks of the mayor is wrong. After you are done, report back to Jean-Marc to complete the first part of the mission.

Part II

The second part of the mission will become available after a few days have passed since completing the first. Sleep at camp or just play the game normally to make time pass and receive a second invitation.

This time, the mayor is willing to do something good for the city of Saint Denis, and build a library. Unfortunately, he is short on funds, but he has heard of a wealthy man who may be willing to donate money to the project with a little bit of convincing.

After the cutscene is done playing, head to the marked location on the map. Here, hop on the couch after riding side to side to it and threaten the man. He will eventually give up and promise to give funds to the mayor.

Once this is done, wait for the next night and then head to the mayor's house to report your success.

Part III

The third part of the mission will be available after a few days have passed since completing the second. Make camp outside of Saint Denis, and sleep for the needed amount of time to access the final part of the mission as quickly as possible.

This time, the mayor has a problem not with just any detractor, but with Jean-Marc, who has had enough of Lemieux's crooked methods. Arthur will be given his address so to get him and bring him back to the mayor's manor for a talk.

Being an extremely direct man, Arthur wastes no time in talking with Jean-Marc. Once at his house, the outlaw will knock the mayor's adjutant out to bring him to Lemieux himself without hearing too many complaints. During this sequence, there will be lawmen to avoid, so make sure to always stay out of their field of vision. As the front of the manor is guarded, you will have to cut through the park to reach your destination undetected.

Once at the mayor's house, the two will have a big argument and Lemieux will leave it to Arthur to deal with the situation for good. If you decide to spare Jean-Marc, your Honor rating will increase; if you choose to kill Jean-Marc, your Honor rating will worsen, but you will get a 10% discount in all of Saint Denis' shops, which is extremely useful.

No matter your choice, once you have dealt with Jean-Marc, the mission will be complete.

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