Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

The Course of True Love – II

The Course of True Love – II is the fourth Story Mission in Chapter 3 and the 28th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing "The New South" mission in the same chapter. To start it, you need to talk with Beau Gray in Caliga Hall.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

In the previous Story Mission, Arthur and the Van der Linde Gang got in the way of the Braithwaite family by disrupting their moonshine business with the Lemoyne Raiders. Now it's time to get better acquainted with the rest of the Gray family.

At the beginning of the mission, Arthur will have some trouble getting into Caliga Hall, as the guards outside the Gray family property don't want to let him through. The mention of sheriff Gray, however, is enough to let Arthur pass.

Once inside the property, you need to talk to one of the NPCs to learn where to go to learn more about the family. The worker will send Arthur to find Beau Gray. Head over to the marked location on the map to find him.

Beau Gray is actually quite removed from the family business, and he totally disapproves of the ongoing feud with the Braithwaite family. He has a very good reason to feel this way, as he is in love with Penelope Braithwaite. The young man then asks Arthur to bring the letter he is writing and a bracelet to the woman, telling him that she can usually be found sitting in the gazebo on the edge of the family properties. Arthur accepts, and he's off to a rather dangerous mission.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

To obtain the Gold Medal for The Course of True Love – II mission, you need to get to Penelope without getting spotted and complete the mission within 3 minutes. This is undoubtedly one of the hardest Gold Medals to obtain, as getting to Penelope without being spotted within 3 minutes is very, very difficult. It's even harder to do so while replaying the mission, as the preset loadout means that you will be getting an average horse and no tonics whatsoever, making it impossible to restore the animal's Stamina when needed. You'll also have to skip all the cutscenes following this point, as they also take too much of your precious time.

To reach Penelope and complete the mission within 3 minutes without getting spotted, you will have to cut through the fields between Caliga Hall and Braithwaite Manor, and approach the manor from the northeast of Braithwaite Manor on the map. Always keep an eye on the map for enemies, as long as you are far enough from their cone of vision, they will not spot you. As you need to be as fast as possible, you need to be mounted on your horse at all times.

Once near the gazebo, dismount and get to Penelope. Skip the cutscene to save some time, and get ready for more rushing through. Once you can control Arthur once again, you need to get close to the boathouse and the go around the docks. Get inside the boat and row outside the red zone highlighted on the map. Trying to get afar from the way you came in is not too difficult, but it will make it impossible to complete the mission within 3 minutes.

Once things calm down, the mission will be complete. Don't be discouraged if you fail to get the Gold Medal, this mission usually requires a couple playthroughs to find the fastest path to Penelope - but we said it will be much harder due to the preset loadout.

The Course of True Love – III

The Course of True Love – III is the fifth Story Mission in Chapter 3 and the 30th Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is unlocked after completing The Course of True Love – II Story Mission in the same chapter. To begin the mission, talk with Beau Gray in the Gray family's property, Caliga Hall.

Arthur got Beau's letter to Penelope in the previous mission, but it seems like the young Gray isn't yet satisfied, as he has heard something that suggests that Penelope Braithwaite may be in danger. She is attending a rally for women's suffrage, and he is convinced that members of his family will make some trouble. He then asks Arthur for help once again and the outlaw reluctantly accepts.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to complete it within 4 minutes and 15 seconds. It isn't particularly difficult to do so, as you don't have to travel great distances or deal with any enemy. Just make sure to skip all of the mission's cutscenes and ride as quickly as you can when you are able to use your horse.

Once you are done talking with Beau at the beginning of the mission, get on your horse to reach Rhodes. On the road right outside of town, you will meet the Women's Suffrage Movement, who are getting ready for a rally in the city. Beau warns Penelope and the rest of the women of the possible dangers, and Penelope herself suggests that Arthur should drive their wagon and protect them.

Drive the wagon toward the bank in Rhodes. Here, the women will get off the wagon and start the rally, during which some members of the Gray family will start making trouble. Arthur will take Beau away to avoid further troubles. Make sure to skip this cutscene if you're aiming to get the Gold Medal.

Once this is done, get on your horse and head to the marked place on the map. Beau will thank Arthur for his help and finally pay him. Mission accomplished!

An Honest Mistake

An Honest Mistake is the sixth Story Mission in Chapter 3 and the 31st Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. This mission is unlocked by completing "The Course of True Love - II" mission in the same story chapter. To begin the mission, you need to speak with Molly in the Clemens Point camp.

While moving around camp, Arthur will be stopped by Molly O' Shea. She is worried about Dutch and wants to speak with Arthur about the matter. The woman, however, won't be able to get a word out, as the ever-drunk Uncle approaches Arthur to involve him in a job. The Van der Linde gang members know not to trust Uncle too much, so Arthur isn't particularly convinced about the job. Arthur eventually gets on board with Uncle's plan, however.

Uncle heard of a wagon carrying payroll and that it will not be well guarded at a certain point during its journey, making it a very easy target. Despite the job sounding easy, Uncle is asking not only Arthur to join him but also Charles and Bill. So many people for a simple job definitely sounds suspicious.

Once all the outlaws agree to go with Uncle, it's time to move out. While on the road, they will stop briefly to conceal themselves before hitting the wagon, which will come into view not too long after. Ride after the wagon and stay close to it until it stops. Once stopped, check the back of the wagon to find a large amount of money. Things seem to be going well until the guards come, and there's a whole lot of them. So much for the wagon being unguarded!

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Now it's time to deal with the many Cornwall guards approaching. To get the mission's Gold Medal, you need to complete the mission without taking any health item, get 20 headshots and complete with at least 80% accuracy. There is a lot of enemies, and you won't be able to kill them all, so pick your targets and activate Dead Eye when taking a shot. Enemies are all riding, so it's easy to miss some shots without Dead Eye.

After the pursuit proceeds for a little while, Uncle proposes to lose them in the woods. Eventually, the outlaws will reach a seemingly abandoned house with a barn that they can use to hide in until things cool down. Sadly, this won't happen, as the Leviticus Cornwall guards will reach the house and start searching the barn. Stay hidden until Bill knocks a can over, revealing the outlaws to the enemy.

Getting the 20 headshots required to get the Gold Medal is much easier while fighting enemies from the barn, as they are not riding and you have a much better view than during the chase sequence. To avoid damage and missing too many shots, always use Dead Eye, replenishing the bar as needed with items. A Sniper Rifle is also a very good choice here, as enemies are always almost in plain sight. After a little while, the barn will be engulfed in flames, and you will be making your escape into the woods.

The outlaws split up, with Arthur going with Uncle. There are a few enemies patrolling the woods and Arthur and Uncle have to deal with them. Arthur's target is easy to get rid with a silent knockdown, but Uncle will have some issues with his. To get the Gold Medal, you need to save Uncle when he is overpowered. Just approach the enemy and either attack him with a melee weapon or with any gun. Once Uncle has been saved, the two will hear gunfire. They will eventually reach Charles and Bill who are dealing with the remaining guards. Kill them without missing too many shots to keep your accuracy high. Try to get headshots as well if you're not sure you have cleared the Gold Medal requirement earlier during the mission.

Once the final guards have been dealt with, the outlaws will split and the mission will be finally complete.

Money Lending and Other Sins IV

The Money Lending and Other Sins IV mission is the seventh Story Mission in Chapter 3 and the 32nd Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission becomes available after completing a few missions in Chapter 3. The mission is started by talking with Leopold Strauss at the Clemens Point camp.

The Money Lending and Other Sins IV mission is a simple continuation of the Money Lending and Other Sins mission in the previous chapter. Like before, there are people who have borrowed money from the Van der Linde gang and are late in paying it back. By talking with Leopold Strauss, Arthur will learn the location of two more debtors. You can decide to head over to them as soon as you learn of their locations or later, up until the end of Chapter 4. Like the previous part of the mission, there is no Gold Medal available.

The first debtor is Gwyn Hughes, an apprentice undertaker who is working in Rhodes. Head to town and talk with the man, who is working on a coffin. Arthur won't play nice at all here, suggesting the man start making another coffin for himself if he cannot pay back the money. The man hesitates at first but later reveals that he can pay the Van der Linde gang back. He doesn't have the money on him, though, and needs Arthur's help in recovering it.

Gwyn Huges will lead Arthur to the Rhodes church. At this point, it becomes clear that Gwyn is recovering the money that he owes by getting a valuable object that has been buried alongside a recently deceased woman. The dirty deed will be done by Gwyn himself, but he needs Arthur to clear the graveyard so that he can dig the valuable object out of the grave in peace. The couple found at the church's back need to be threatened to leave, while the lone woman will leave the graveyard if asked nicely.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Once the graveyard has been cleared of people, Gwyn gets to work and asks Arthur to keep people out until he's done. Guard the entrance and prevent the three upcoming people to get in. The woman can be persuaded nicely, while the two men require a beating.

Once the two men have been taken down, Arthur will go and check how Gwyn is doing. The man is actually done with his dirty business, and he will hand the outlaw a brooch that covers what he owed the Van der Linde gang.

The second debtor Arthur has to track down to complete the mission is Winton Holmes, a hunter that can be found to the north of Strawberry. Be prepared for a long ride if you're coming from Rhodes.

Once Arthur reaches the hunter's camp, he will tell the outlaw that he doesn't have the money at the moment, but he knows of a way to pay back what he owes the gang. He is searching for the rare white cougar, and its pelt will cover what he owes.

Arthur agrees to go hunting with him, and on the way, he will learn a bit of the man's story. Eventually, the two will enter a cave. Equip the lantern and head inside. At some point, the path will split in two, and Arthur and Winton will split as well. Proceed down the path for a while until you hear Winton screaming. Head back and then into the path the hunter took to find him dead. The white cougar has killed him and now it is coming for Arthur.

Locating the beast is extremely difficult given how little light there is in the cave. Keep an eye on the minimap and activate Dead Eye as soon as a red dot appears. The white cougar is extremely fast, and it's very difficult to take it down without it. Once the animal is dead, skin it to take its pelt and then head over to Strawberry to sell it to the butcher.

To complete the mission for good, head back to the Clemens Point camp and put the money and the brooch in the Camp's Tithing Box. Mission complete, for now.

Preaching Forgiveness as He Went

Preaching Forgiveness as He Went is the eighth Story Mission in Chapter 3 and the 33rd Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission is unlocked after completing the "American Distillation" mission in the same chapter. To begin the mission, you need to talk with Lenny at the Clemens Point camp.

The young member of the Van der Linde gang has heard about a possible job that could net the gang quite a bit of money. Apparently, there are some Civil War veterans in the Lemoyne region dealing weapons and the gang could do well by stealing them. Lenny cannot do this by himself and asks Arthur for help, who eagerly accepts.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you need to complete it within 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Like other missions featuring similar requirements, you will have to skip all cutscenes to save time. We suggest you make a manual save before the mission, complete it once to watch all cutscenes and then replay it skipping them to get the Gold Medal.

Chapter 3 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

After Arthur agrees to help Lenny, the two will get to an old Civil War battlefield with a ruined church. Get close to the church to see a wagon carrying explosives depart. The two outlaws will decide to follow it so to get to the Raiders' hideout. Make sure to keep your distance from the wagon, otherwise, the mission will fail.

After a while, you will get to the Shady Belle hideout, which is also one of the optional Gang Hideouts to clear. Before getting too close to the building, Arthur and Lenny will dismount their horses and approach on foot. Once near the hideout, Lenny will ask Arthur to scout the area with his sniper rifle. Once this is done as well, Lenny will ask Arthur on how to proceed.

You have two options here: start firing at enemies or have Lenny create a distraction to draw them closer to a wagon carrying explosives and take as many enemies as possible down with a single shot. While both methods are workable, you need to act fast if you're aiming to get the Gold Medal for this mission, so start shooting enemies down as soon as you can.

No matter what you choose, the fight against the Lemoyne Raiders will begin. To get the Gold Medal, you need to kill 10 Lemoyne Raiders with a long scoped rifle, complete the mission with at least 70% accuracy and complete the mission without taking any health item. Clearing these requirements is quite simple in this mission, as you can use the Sniper Rifle to kill enemies accurately and effectively. Just make sure to put the rifle down every now and then, as there are times when single Raiders will get close. If they manage to slip by unnoticed, they can deal a lot of damage.

Once all targets have been eliminated, you can get into the hideout to steal weapons. Eventually, you will get to a wagon with a lot of crates containing rifles. Lenny will get on the wagon and the two outlaws will start riding for the Clemens Point camp. On the road, however, you will have to deal with a Lemoyne Raiders patrol who will question you. Activate Dead Eye and take them down. Once this is done, you can safely get back to camp and complete the mission.

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