Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

The Van der Linde gang isn't the only gang roaming the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. At the very beginning of the game, players get acquainted with the O'Driscoll gang, with whose leader Dutch has a personal beef, but it doesn't take long to learn more about the Lemoyne Raiders, Murfee Brood and the Del Lobo gangs.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

While members of each gang can be encountered randomly while traveling from one place to another, there's a way to bring the fight directly to them: assaulting their hideouts.

Four gang hideouts are assaulted as part of story missions, but players are not forced to wait for these missions to become available, as all of them can be raided at any time. Actually, assaulting them solo is a very good way to earn a lot of resources, as there's way more time to loot bodies and search around the hideouts for hidden money and items.

There's also a fifth hideout (Solomon's Folly) that is only contained in the PC version.

In this guide, we will cover where to find all the hideouts as well as some general tips that will help Arthur stay alive if he is assaulting them by himself.

General Tips

Assaulting a gang's hideout is serious business, no matter if Arthur is by himself or with some of his fellow gang members. There will be enemies everywhere, and finding cover is of extreme importance, as running around guns blazing is sure to get you killed.

Once good cover has been found, it's extremely important to take advantage of it as much as possible. Just take note on the mini-map where the closest enemies are and use aim-assist to help you locate them.

Full Dead Eye bar and headshots are your most important tools, as things always get extremely chaotic during assaults and there's never enough time to take proper aim without getting damaged.

O’Driscoll Gang Hideouts

Six Point Cabin

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Six Point Cabin is the first gang hideout that can be assaulted. It's also the main location of the Chapter 2 mission "Paying a Social Call", but it's possible to assault it even before the mission becomes available. The hideout is located to the south of the "U" in Cumberland Forest, to the northeast of Valentine.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Assaulting the hideout during the "Paying a Social Call" mission is not too difficult, as Arthur will be accompanied by other members of the Van der Linde gang. They will ask Arthur on how to proceed and players have the choice of going all out or taking a more careful approach.

Assaulting the fort with just Arthur is more difficult, due to the number of enemies. The best approach, in this case, is stealth and the Bow and Hunting Knife are your best friends here. You will eventually be discovered, so be prepared for a firefight too.

If you want to make things a bit easier, make sure to take care of the enemies inside the few buildings in the camp, as they may be difficult to locate during the chaotic shooting that will eventually ensure.

Hanging Dog Ranch

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Hanging Dog Ranch is the second hideout of the O'Driscolls. It's located to the west of Valentine, near Little Creek River, a little to the north of the "W" in West Elizabeth on the map.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

This hideout is one of the easier to assault solo, as the stealth approach is particularly simple due to the hideout's design. When taking a stealth approach, take note of the guards patrolling the perimeter of the hideout, and take them down with the Bow or any other silent throwable weapon like Throwing Knives.

No matter the approach, taking care of the enemies in the barn is the most important thing to do while assaulting this hideout, as there's a powerful maxim gun on the highest floor of the barn that can deal a lot of damage and make you fail the assault. There are two ways to take care of it: kill its user from afar, or approach the barn stealthily, kill all enemies inside and use the gun against any remaining O'Driscolls. The gun's position leaves Arthur exposed, however, so make sure to take cover if taking too much damage.

Lemoyne Raiders

Shady Belle

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Shady Belle is the only hideout of the Lemoyne Raiders, a gang that makes itself known to Arthur and the Van der Linde gang as soon as they reach Rhodes. It's located to the southwest of Saint Denis, east of the Braithwaite manor. The hideout is assaulted during a story mission in Chapter 3, but it's possible to assault it solo.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Shady Belle is another easy hideout to assault. If you're attacking it during the story, you can either take a careful approach sprinkled with a bit of stealth or just run in guns blazing, as there isn't a whole of enemies.

If you decide to go solo, it's slightly better to take a stealthy approach or even pick off enemies found roaming outside with a sniper rifle and then finish the rest in an open gunfight. A night-time assault is preferred when going solo, as it makes Arthur harder to spot.

Murfee Brood

Beaver Hollow

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Beaver Hollow is the only hideout of the Murfree Brood Gang. It's located directly to the west of Annesburg, just go a little to the northwest of the "A" in Annesburg on the map to find it. The hideout can be assaulted solo at any time or as part of a story mission in Chapter 5.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Assaulting Beaver Hollow is pretty straightforward, due to the hideout layout. Being located in a cave, a stealth approach is basically impossible, as the main entrance is guarded. This doesn't mean that your options are limited, as there's a total of two entrances to the cave, a hole in the roof found on the hill to the northwest, and the main cave entrance.

The first entrance gives a positional advantage and helps Arthur clear enemies easily from above. No matter the chosen entrance, however, there will be several short-range confrontations, so load up your best shotgun or carbine and start shooting away.

Del Lobo Gang

Thieves Landing

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Like the rest of the Del Lobo gang hideouts, Thieves Landing can only be accessed once the southern part of the map is unlocked. The hideout is located is to the West of MacFarlane Ranch, close to the coast.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

The Thieves Landing hideout is one of the most difficult hideouts to assault due to the high number of enemies found inside and the inability to reduce their number through stealth. The best way to deal with them is to move from cover to cover while remaining aware of their positions, as it's very easy to get flanked.

One good way to avoid getting surrounded and killed is to try to get to the fishing boats as quickly as possible, and you them as cover so to keep all enemies in front of you. No matter what, avoid trying running in the open as it leads to certain death.

Fort Mercer

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Fort Mercer, like Thieves Landing, can only be assaulted after the southern part of the map is unlocked. The hideout is located to the south of Mercer Station, a little to the south of the "A" in New Austin on the map.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

From the outside, Fort Mercer looks like a tough nut to crack, but things are actually easier than what they seem like at first glance. There's a huge amount of enemies inside the fort, but they're easy to deal with by following a very simple method.

At the beginning of the assault, choose one of the gates and clear out its guards. Once this is done, just take cover to the left or to the right and wait for enemies to come at you. By doing this, you will avoid getting flanked and you will only have to pay attention to enemies coming from inside the fort.

Some of the enemies are not going to approach you at all, so you will eventually have to enter the hideout and take them down. Doing so from the top of the fort, taking advantage of the available cover positions is the best way to do so.

Twin Rocks

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

The Twin Rocks hideout is only available to those who have pre-ordered the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition or Special Edition. It's located to the northwest of Armadillo, north of the "S" in Cholla Springs on the map.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

The Twin Rocks hideout is probably the most unremarkable hideout in the game, and one of the easiest to clear out. The best approach is to snipe as many enemies as possible from afar and then kill all remaining enemies inside with a shotgun, carbine or gun.

Solomon’s Folly

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

Solomon's Folly is an abandoned farm south of Benedict Point which is being used a gang hideout by the Del Lobo Gang. It is in the Gaptooth Ridge region of the New Austin territory.

Single Player Gang Hideouts Guide

This new gang hideout was added with the release of the new PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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