Chapter 6 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Chapter 6 is the final story chapter of the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode, and it's also the longest, featuring 20 main missions. During these missions, all of the game's mysteries will become clear, and you will finally understand why John Marston hates Dutch so much during the events of the original Red Dead Redemption.

Like for all the other story missions, the missions in Chapter 6 all come with a Gold Medal, which is obtained by clearing certain requirements. These requirements are only revealed after the mission has been completed for the first time. If you fail to get the Gold Medal during your first playthrough, you replay a mission through the progress menu, but we suggest you avoid doing so since you will have to replay through it with a basic weapon loadout and no tonics. It's much better to make a manual save before a story mission, play through it once to reveal the requirements and then reload the same to get the Gold Medal.

Icarus and Friends

Icarus and Friends is the first story mission in Chapter 6 and the 66th in the whole story mode. To start the mission, you must speak with Sadie Adler in Saint Denis.

John Marston has been arrested after the botched bank robbery back in Chapter 4, and Sadie, who kept the gang together after Dutch and the others escaped to Guarma, has come up with a plan to release him. Before being able to do so, they must go on a recon mission with a hot air balloon.

To get the Gold Medal for the mission, you must complete it without taking any health item. There will be a good deal of fighting from atop the balloon, so make sure to have plenty of Dead Eye items with you, since killing enemies quickly and effectively will be extremely important here.

Once you have reached the marked area on the map, you will jump on the balloon together with Mr. Bullard. To get the Gold Medal, you must keep the balloon at the correct altitude for the entire journey. To do so, you must always keep an eye on the Ascend icon in the right corner of the screen, and keep the gauge on the yellow line as much as possible. During the journey to Sisika, however, altitude will vary due to weather conditions, so you must always pay attention to it even after you have struck a good balance.

At a certain point, you must search for John with the binoculars. Look near the red barn to find him working there. The guards, however, will notice you, and you will have to fly away from the green zone.

On the way back, you get near Annesburg, and see Saide fighting some O'Driscolls on horseback. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must get five headshots from the ballon, which can be done easily with the help of Dead Eye, and complete the mission with at least 70%. The latter requirement is a bit more difficult to get, as the balloon isn't exactly steady, and altitude will vary a lot during this sequence. Use a sniper rifle in conjunction with Dead Eye to be as accurate as possible.

Eventually, Mr. Bullard will be shot and you will have to handle the balloon as well. Keep altitude in the green zone, pull Sadie up when prompted, and watch the two of them crash on the shore. Multiple waves of enemies will appear, and you will have to kill them all. To keep accuracy high, always use Dead Eye, restoring it with a tonic when needed. Once the final wave has been killed, the mission will be complete.

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours is the second story mission in Chapter 6 and the 67th mission in the story mode. It's unlocked by completing the Icarus and Friends and That's Murfee Country missions. To start the mission, talk with Sadie Adler near the Lannahechee River in Lemoyne.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it within 9 minutes and without taking any health item. Due to the time requirement, you must skip all cutscenes, as the mission is rather long.

Right after talking with Sadie, she and Arthur will start their journey toward the Sisika Penitentiary to rescue John. Continue rowing toward the marked area on the map and skip the cutscene as soon as it begins to save time. Once on the island, follow Sadie to the watchtower and kill the guard on it silently.

After the guard has been killed you need to locate John. Use the binoculars and look to the south of your current position to find the chain gang working on the fields. There are two guards that must be killed and you will automatically be armed with a sniper rifle.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it with at least 70% accuracy and get headshots on both Prison Guards when sniping from the tower. In case you are not feeling confident about getting the headshots on the two guards, use Dead Eye.

Now that the two guards have been killed, you can climb down the guard tower and rescue John. On the way, another cutscene will play, so skip it as soon as it begins. John, unfortunately, wasn't with the chain gang, so Arthur and Sadie will use a more direct way to get to him. During this sequence, Arthur will use one of the guards as a human shield, while Sadie clears up the way. Another cutscene will eventually play, skip this one as well to save some time.

Once at the prison's main gate, Arthur offers to trade the hostage for John Marston, The enemy complies, releasing John shortly afterward. The mission is not yet done, however, as now you must escape the prison island.

To get the Gold Medal, you must escape to the boat within 2 minutes and 45 seconds. You will begin this sequence during a firefight, and John and Sadie will only start moving toward the boat only after the guards on the walkway have been killed. Once the two start moving, you must follow them as quickly as possible and only stop if you must deal with prison guards trying to stop you from the front.

Once past the bridge, however, you will have to take some cover, otherwise you will never be able to complete the mission without taking any health item. There are a couple of buildings and crates that are perfect as cover while trying to reduce the number of pursuers and avoid getting shot by snipers. Eventually, you will reach the boat, but the coast isn't clear completely yet, as you must deal with guards trying to shoot you down from the shore. Use the sniper rifle to be as accurate as possible.

After the guards have been killed, another cutscene will play. Skip it, get on your horse, skip the next cutscene to reach the camp immediately and complete the mission within the 9 minutes requirement.

Do Not Seek Absolution – I

Do Not Seek Absolution – I is the third story mission in Chapter 6 and the 68th mission in story mode. The mission is unlocked after completing the A Fork in the Road mission. To start the mission, however, you need to have your Honor rating above level 4. Once you do, speak with Edith Downes in Annesburg.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it within 1 minute and 20 seconds, which is more than doable if you skip all cutscenes.

Edith Downes had her life ruined by Arthur during a previous story mission, forcing her and her son to work hard to survive. The son is working in the mines and he is constantly being bullied by the foreman. Feeling guilty, Arthur feels like he should help him.

As soon as you can control Arthur, get on your horse and ride toward the mine. Here, skip the cutscene and start the fight against the foreman and another miner. During this fight, concentrate on the foreman, as knocking him down will end the mission. To take him out as quickly as possible, always guard and then counter his punches.

Once the foreman goes down, another cutscene will play where Arthur gives Archie money to allow him and his mother leave Annesburg. Skip it to complete the mission within the time requirement.

Do Not Seek Absolution – II

Do Not Seek Absolution – II is the fourth story mission in Chapter 6 and the 69th mission in the story mode. It is unlocked after clearing the Do Not Seek Absolution – I mission and letting a couple of days pass. You also need an Honor rating above level 4 to start the mission.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must find Edith Downes within 1 minute and 10 seconds. As always, skip all the cutscenes to complete the mission within the time requirement.

In Annesburg, talk with Archie to learn that Edith didn't like the fact that Arthur gave them money, returning to prostitution. She headed toward Willard's Rest, so get on your horse and ride hard to the north. Once you reach the marked area, activate Eagle Eye to pick up the trail. At its end, you will find Edith with a man: intervene and convince Edith to follow you to Annesburg with either option. Ride back to ANnesburg as quickly as possible to complete the mission within the time requirement.

Of Men and Angels

Of Men and Angels is an optional story mission that must be completed to obtain the Lending a Hand trophy/achievement. The mission is unlocked only if the Brothers and Sisters, One and All mission has been completed in Chapter 4. If so, the mission becomes available after completing the A Fork in the Road mission. This mission also has no Gold Medal. To start it, speak with Sister Calderón in Saint Denis.

This mission is extremely short. Speak with the woman once to watch a cutscene. After it's over, speak with her again to donate either money or food. Once this is done, you will receive a boost in your Honor rating and the mission will be complete.

The Course of True Love IV-V

The Course of True Love IV-V are two optional story missions that are required for obtaining the Lending a Hand Trophy. The missions are unlocked right at the beginning of Chapter 6, and they can be started by speaking with Penelope Braithwaithe after reading her letter at the Beaver's Hollow camp.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it within 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The mission isn't particularly long, so skip all cutscenes and you should make it without too many troubles.

In her letter, Penelope is asking Arthur for help once again. Both her and Beau Gray have had enough of the feud between their families and are leaving them behind for good. Bring Penelope to the train station in Rhodes and buy tickets. Once this is done, some family members will appear to prevent the two from leaving. Knock them down in a fistfight and get on the train.

While on the train more enemies will appear. To get the Gold Medal, you must get at least 5 headshots, which is quite easy to do thanks to the excellent visibility you have during the fight. There are much more than five enemies, so you can afford to miss a headshot or two.

After all of the enemies have been killed, the train will stop, as the driver has escaped in fear. Head over to the first car to drive the train yourself to the next station. Here, Penelope will offer Arthur some jewelry as payment for his help. Refuse it to get an Honor rating boost.

After this last cutscene, the mission will be complete.

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