Chapter 6 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

My Last Boy

My Last Boy is the 15th story mission in Chapter 6 and the 80th mission in the story mode. This mission is unlocked after completing The Bridge to Nowhere and The King's Son missions. To start the mission, you must speak with Dutch at Roanoke Ridge.

Eagle Flies has not been traumatized at all while in captivity at the hands of the US Army, and he is ready to bring the fight to the oil fields with the help of Dutch and his gang.


Things go bad right from the beginning however. When the gang gets to the oil fields, the whole place is up in flames, and Eagle Flies' men have been slaughtered. He is still alive, however, and it will be up to Arthur to save him while the rest of the gang acts as a diversion.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it without taking any health item. You must also complete the mission with at least 80% accuracy and get 30 headshots. For this reason, use Dead Eye as much as possible, and restore it when needed with any tonic that doesn't also restore the health bar or core.

Since you must get a lot of headshots, you need to begin killing enemies this way as soon as possible. As you are together with the rest of the gang you also have to prevent them from killing too many enemies, so stay ahead of them as much as possible but without putting yourself in danger too much, since you cannot take any health item if you want to get the Gold Medal for this mission.

Once all enemies outside the camp have been killed you can proceed to the next area. Cross the bridge and get ready to shoot at two enemies coming from the right. Continue toward the marked area on the map while making sure to stay behind cover as much as possible to avoid getting damaged.

Once the enemies outside the factory have been killed you must proceed toward the train tracks. You will be facing a lot more enemies here, including a Gatling gun. Wait for the gun to end its first assault and take out the soldier manning it quickly.

Proceed through the train to get on the other side and make sure to save Paytah as quickly as possible, as it is required to obtain the Gold Medal for this mission. Proceed on to fight more enemies arriving from the hill and then reunite with the rest of the gang. Dutch will then lead you to the office on the second floor of the factory to recover some bonds. After this is done, you will have to fight your way out of the building: continue shooting down enemies while staying behind cover as much as possible.

Out of the factory Dutch will leave you behind, but Eagle Flies will come to save you. He will be shot, however, by Colonel Favours: you will go automatically into Dead Eye, so you can get a good headshot on him without too many troubles. After this is done, get Eagle Flies on your horse and bring him back to the reservation to complete the mission.

Our Best Selves

Our Best Selves is the 16th story mission in Chapter 6 and the 81st mission in the story. It is unlocked after completing the My Last Boy mission. To start the mission, talk to Dutch in Roanoke Ridge.

During this mission you will assault a train carrying payroll for the US Army. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it within 11 minutes, so make sure to skip all cutscenes to save some time. Additionally, you must also complete it without using any health item, so be extremely careful during all firefights.

After skipping the first cutscene, you will be told to recover some dynamite together with John. Do so as quickly as possible, then rejoin the rest of the gang to travel to the train station in Saint Denis. Ride alongside the train and then jump on it by pressing the square or X button. Guards will notice you straight away and a big firefight will ensue.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must fight through the train with at least 80% accuracy. There are a lot of enemies on the train, so make sure to always stay behind cover and be extremely accurate. Some enemies will be extremely close to you, at melee range, so also use the gun instant kill move (i.e. the special action that becomes available when you are in melee range with a sidearm equipped) to get rid of enemies without risking lowering your accuracy rate.

Proceed through the train until you are forced off it. Jump on Dutch's horse and then back again on the train. At this point, Arthur will be getting the Gatling gun ready, but John will be shot and fall off the train. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must get a headshot in Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch’s horse, so you must kill the enemy that shot John with a headshot to clear this requirement.

While Dutch goes back for John Arthur will take care of enemies using the Gatling gun. Don't worry about keeping accuracy high, as the Gold Medal requirement will have been cleared by now. Always keep an eye on your radar to see where enemies come from and fire away.

Eventually, you will be told to get the cash from the armored carriage. Plant dynamite and set it off as prompted and recover the cash. Jump off the train and the mission will be complete.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the 17th story mission in Chapter 6 and the 82nd mission in the story. It begins automatically after completing the Our Best Selves mission.

Red Dead Redemption is among the longest missions in the whole story mode, and you will get into a lot of firefights during its duration, which makes the complete the mission without taking any health items and complete with at least 70% accuracy Gold Medal requirement much more difficult than usual to clear.

The first thing you will have to do when beginning the mission is rescue Abigail, who has been kidnapped by Pinkertons while the gang was away robbing the train. She has been taken to the Van Horn Trading Post. Dutch is convinced by Micah that they must leave her behind, so it will be up to Arthur and Sadie to rescue her.

While riding to Van Horn, make sure to choose the sidearms you want, as you won't have another chance until later in the mission. At the trading post, Arthur will take up position on the lighthouse, from where he will cover Sadie with a sniper rifle. Once the next cutscene has played, you must start covering Sadie as she tries to get to Abigail. To get the Gold Medal for the mission, you must get seven headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse. As enemies will be moving around quickly, use Dead Eye as much as possible.

With Arthur's help, Sadie will reach the building and Abigail, but she will be captured. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must reach Abigail and Sadie within 1 minute. As the time limit is very strict, skip the cutscene and run straight to the building at the end of the dock, only killing enemies if they are right in your way.

Once inside the building, you will go into Dead Eye to kill the two Pinkertons inside. Once this is done, a long cutscene will play revealing that Micah is the real traitor. During the cutscene, Arthur will manage to grapple with Milton, but he will need Abigail's help to kill him.

Get out of the building and reach the marked horses while shooting down more Pinkertons. Once on the horses, Arthur will have to cover the escape: always keep an eye on your radar to avoid getting surprised by any enemy.

After a short ride, Abigail and Sadie will go on their way, while Arthur rides back to camp to confront Dutch and Micah. After a few cutscenes, it will be Arthur and John versus Dutch, Micah, Bill, and Javier. The standoff, however, is interrupted by Pinkertons, who are back to finish the job. Keep accuracy high during this fight by using Dead Eye as much as possible.

Dutch and Micah will eventually flee, leaving Arthur and John alone to fight off the remaining Pinkertons. At this point, the two will try to escape through the caves. Continue following John on foot then on horseback: avoiding fighting as much as possible during the ride, as visibility is extremely poor.

After a few more cutscenes, the two outlaws will proceed on foot. At this point, you will have the choice of going back into the caves to recover the money stashed away by the gang or help John escape. The second choice is not only the one that makes the most sense, considering Arthur's line of thought, but also the easiest.

If you choose to help John, continue following him and shoot down enemies as they come until the two outlaws split, as Arthur lets John get back to safety to his wife and son. Arthur will continue fighting Pinkertons until Micah appears.

At this point, you will have a big fist fight with Micah. Try to be on the defensive and counter his punches, rather than going to the assault, as Micah is quite strong and can take you down easily. After a while, the two will grapple: free yourself and resume the fist fight.

After another short while, more cutscenes will play. The fight is ultimately left unresolved, as Dutch intervenes, preventing Micah from shooting Arthur. After the final, long cutscene, the mission and Chapter 6 will be complete.

If you choose to get back to the caves to recover the money, you will part ways with John immediately, and retread all the ground you have covered during your escape, having to fight a lot of enemies as well. The fight with Micah will also play out exactly as it does in the other path, only that it will end with the traitor shooting Arthur, as Dutch will not intervene to stop him.

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