All Cigarette Cards Location Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't just about roaming the Wild West in search of adventure, fame, and money. At the beginning of his long journey, Arthur Morgan has the chance to meet a stranger who will offer him a very peculiar task: finding all Cigarette Cards. Arthur won't have to it for free, though, as he gets some very nice rewards once a complete set of cards has been sent to the stranger.

All Cigarette Cards Location Guide

To start the "Smoking, and other Hobbies" sidequest, Arthur has to go to Flatneck Station in Chapter 2. There, he will meet Phineas T. Ramsbottom, who reveals his card collecting hobby and tasks the outlaw with finding all of the Cigarette Cards.

There are a total of 144 Cigarette Cards divided into 12 different sets. They can be obtained in two different ways.

The first one is to purchase Premium Cigarette packs and open them, as each one includes a random Cigarette Cards. Finding all of them by purchasing cigarette packs is far from being ideal, as the card you'll get is completing random, and it's possible to find duplicates.

The second way is to find them in a precise location, which isn't any less time consuming, but it's a much better way. Below, you will find the full list of cards and details on where to find each and one of them.


  1. Amazing Inventions - Volatile Dynamite, 100$
  2. Artists, Writers, and Poets - Ginseng Elixir, 100$
  3. Breeds of Horses - Special Horse Medicine, $50
  4. Famous Gunslingers - Special Snake Oil, $50
  5. Fauna of North America - Perfect Rabbit Pelt, $50
  6. Flora of North America - Special Miracle Tonic, $50
  7. Gems of Beauty - Platinum Chain Necklace, $100
  8. Marvels of Travel - Aged Pirate Rum, $50
  9. Prominent Americans - Eagle Feathers, $50
  10. Starts of the Stage - Small Jewelry Bag, $50
  11. Vistas of America - Gold Nugget, $100
  12. The World's Champion - Valerian Root, $50
  13. Delivering the first set - Vintage Civil War Handcuffs
  14. Delivering all sets - $200

Amazing Inventions Set

  1. Camera - Inside a building to the south of the photo studio in Sant Denis.
  2. Cylinder Phonograph - Inside Keane's Saloon in Valentine.
  3. Dynamite - In Shady Bell, to the southwest of Saint Denis and south of Caliga Hall.
  4. Electrical Execution Apparatus - On the second floor of a house located north of Little Creek River. The house has be easily located by going to the north of the second E in West Elizabeth on the map.
  5. Electrical Light Bulb - Close to the back door of a building located to the northwest of Brandywine Drop, which is found in the northeast of the map.
  6. Fountain Pen - Inside an abandoned school to the northeast of the O in Lemoyne on the map
  7. Manned Glider - Inside a barn west of Caliga Hall. Caliga Hall is west of Saint Denis.
  8. Player Piano - On the top of a piano inside a building found to the west of the D in Saint Denis on the map.
  9. Revolver - In the bast of the Annesburg's gunsmith.
  10. Steam Locomotive - On the second floor of a ruined church found to the east of Bolger Glade.
  11. Telegraph - On the train platform northwest of the Van Horn Trading post. It's the abandoned platform.
  12. Typewriter - Next to the door of a warehouse located close to the second T in West Elizabeth on the map

All Cigarette Cards Location Guide

Artists, Writers, and Poets Set

  1. Edith Corinne - Near a clothesline at Braithwaite Manor, south of Rhodes in Lemoyne
  2. Elise Rose - Inside the hotel in Strawberry, West Elizabeth. It's on the table close to the stairs on the second floor.
  3. W.G.Hoyt - Inside a cabin close to a small lake located right above the "N" and "O" in Hanover. The card is on a table
  4. Aldous Bramley - Inside a building found to the south of Blackwater, West Elizabeth. The building is just out of town, and the card is found between the chairs on the porch.
  5. Preston T. Stephenson - Inside an office at the center of Annesburg.
  6. Evelyn Miller - Inside a house located right above the "E" in Blackwater on the map. The card is on a table near the clothesline.
  7. Slick Hutton - On the balcony of a house located south of the Van Horn Trading Post in New Hanover. The house can be found by following the river.
  8. Laurence Carson - On a table in an alley in Saint Denis. The correct alley can be found just under the "S" in Saint Denis on the map.
  9. Miss Maud Delancy - On a table inside a houseboat in Bluewater Marsh. The house can be found near the "W" in Bluewater on the map.
  10. Charles Châtenay - On a table on the porch of Mary Linton's house, located to the north of Valentine.
  11. Georgie Dixie - On a bed in a house located just below the A in New Hanover on the map.
  12. Rochard McCullough - On a table nearby a gazebo located to the north of Saint Denis.

Breeds of Horses

  1. American Paint - In the cotton mill to the east of Rhodes, Lemoyne
  2. Appaloosa - Behind the large building on a barrel in the southern docks of Saint Denis.
  3. Andalusian - On a shelf close to the back of the stables of the Painted Sky Barn. The barn is located south of Valentine.
  4. American Standardbred - In one of the bedrooms of a house by the water located south of Braithwaithe Manor, which is, in turn, located to the south of Lemoyne.
  5. Nokota - Inside a stable in Rhodes, Lemoyne. All stables are located in the southern part of the town.
  6. Ardennes - On the shelf of the Wallace Station in West Elizabeth.
  7. Dutch Warmblood - On the mantel found inside Dawns Ranch. The ranch is located southwest of Valentine.
  8. Turkoman - On a workbench found inside a cabin close to O’Creagh’s Run lake in the Grizzlies East area.
  9. Hungarian Halfbreed - Inside the blacksmith's ship in Armadillo, New Austin. The card is inside a hole in the door.
  10. Mustang - On top of hay inside the barn in Dawns Ranch. The ranch is located to the southwest of Valentine.
  11. Thoroughbred - On a wagon found in the center of Rhodes, Lemoyne. The correct wagon is the one closest to cotton.
  12. Missouri Fox Trotter - In one of the bedrooms of a house close to the Lannahechee River. The river is south of Braithwaithe Manor to the south of the Lemoyne region.

Famous Gunslingers

  1. Frank Heck - Near a grave found in Valentine. The correct one is the one close to the headstone
  2. Otis Miller Boys - In the back of a wagon located in Cumberland Forest, found to the southwest of Fort Wallace. The wagon is close to the "U" in Cumberland on the map.
  3. Jack Hall Gang - Inside a house in Chez Porter to the northwest of Window Rock, Ambarino. The card is on the windowsill.
  4. Butcher Brothers - On the porch of a house in the southern part of the Elysian Pool in New Hanover.
  5. Flaco Hernandez - On the roof of the bank in Rhodes, Lemoyne.
  6. Slim Grant - On a barrel close to a shack to the north of Ambarino. The shack is right above the "N" and "O" in Ambarino on the map.
  7. Landon Ricketts - Behind a house found across the undertaker located to the south of Armadillo.
  8. Black Belle - On a barrel found on the pier at the edge of Blackwater, West Elizabeth.
  9. Billy Midnight - Up on the windmill in Tumbleweed, New Austin.
  10. Emmet Granger - On the table inside a building found in the Bluewater Marsh. The building is found right on the "H" in Bluewater Marsh on the map.
  11. Jim "Boy" Calloway - Inside the mausoleum to the west of the domed building found in the northern part of Saint Denis.
  12. Bart Love - On the couch inside a house found in the northern part of West Elizabeth, close to Little Creek River.

Fauna of North America

  1. Black Widow Spider - Inside a cabin found on the main road close to the "W" in West Elizabeth on the map.
  2. Bloodhound - Inside a destroyed house north of Bolger Glade, to the south of Rhodes, Lemoyne. The card is found close to the fireplace.
  3. Blue Jay - On a platform up a tree found in a forest west of Van Horn Trading Post and southwest of Elysian Pool. The platform is accessed with a ladder.
  4. Catfish - On a barrel found in the western docks of Saint Denis.
  5. Coral Snake - On a table inside the large house in Lakay, south of Lagras and close to Saint Denis.
  6. Grouper - On a barrel close to a boat west of Lagras Lake. The boat is beside the Kamassa River.
  7. Large Mouth Bass - Inside a cabin to the south of New Hanover, close to the border with the Lemoyne region. The card is under the couch found in the cabin.
  8. Panther - Inside a fort located to the southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post. The card is on a crate found inside a tent in the fort.
  9. Parrot - On a pier near the Kamassa River, in Lemoyne. The pier is found close to the "Y" in Lemoyne on the map.
  10. Pheasant - On the same platform where the Blue Jay card is found. The forest is located to the west of the Van Horn Trading Post and southwest of Elysian Pool.
  11. Snapping Turtle - Inside a house located to the south of Cumberland Forest. The house is south of the "O" and "R" in Forest on the map. The card is found near the dresser.
  12. Turkey - Inside the sheriff's office in the Van Horn Trading Post. The card is on the second floor.

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