RDR2 Missing Gang Members At Camp Bug Detailed; Fix Coming In Future Update

Despite being a huge open world game, Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn't suffer from any major issues that permanently prevent progression.


Still, some bugs have been reported in the past few days, including one that makes some members of the Van der Linde gang disappear from the camp. While the issue hasn't been fixed yet, Rockstar Games has revealed what triggers it and how to prevent it from happening.

In a post on the Rockstar Games Support Page, the publisher confirmed that the missing gang members in the camp issue is a known bug.

The issue is triggered when players use the Retry Checkpoint feature during the "Polite Society, Valentine Style" mission in Chapter 2. When the feature is used, Sadie, John, Jack, and Abigail disappear from the camp.

Rockstar confirmed that the bug doesn't prevent players from completing missions related to the characters. However, players will not be able to experience all vignettes and conversations happening in the camp, which is a big part of the game's character development.

Rdr John

While a fix will only come with an upcoming title update, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Rockstar Games confirmed that abandoning and restarting the mission doesn't trigger the bug. Loading a save file before the mission failed also prevents the it from occurring.

Even if it's too late for you, there's another way to get all the Van der Linde gang members back in the camp. Nothing special has to be done, as they will reappear automatically at the beginning of Chapter 4.

While this one is definitely annoying, there are other Red Dead Redemption 2 bugs that create some more light-hearted moments.

In the past few days several players have reported that there's a road to the south of Southfield Flats, north of Rhodes, that may set everything on fire, leading to some hilarious reactions from NPCs.

Despite these bugs and issues, Rockstar Games has to be truly commended for making a huge open world game relatively bug-free. If you've encountered any particular issues though, be sure to let us know in the forums.

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