Find The "KKK Clan" In RDR2 - All Locations

At any time while traveling in the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur will meet a variety of NPCs in need of help. These events, known as Chance Encounters, are different from Stranger Missions, as they are very short and can be completed in a few minutes.

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

Getting engaged in them, however, is a great way to learn more about the world, improve Arthur's Honor rating and get some nice rewards.

While most of the Chance Encounters happen at random points on the map, there are a few that only occur under certain conditions and in specific locations, like the ones involving the Night Folk Gang, which are only triggered in the Bayou swamps.

Three more Chance Encounters not only happen in specific areas but also require the right time of day. These three events feature a rather infamous group, the Ku Klux Klan (aka the KKK), which is up to no good.

These three events are rather special among the Chance Encounters for a variety of reasons.

First, there's no real reward for completing them, not counting what can be looted from dead KKK members.

Second, you can engage the events in any way you want, even killing the KKK members on sight, as Honor will not decrease as it would normally happen when killing any NPC without good reason. However, we still suggest you wait before killing these despicable individuals, as the three events often take some hilarious turns.

Also, when you do decide to, make sure to kill all of them, as they will report Arthur to the authorities if they manage to escape. Preventing them from completing what they are attempting during the events will also increase Arthur's Honor by 2 points.

Killing Ku Klux Klan members also triggers some unique lines for Arthur that cannot be heard otherwise, so you will have all the more reason to get rid of them.

In this guide, we will cover the location of the three events focused on the KKK and how to trigger them.

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The Ceremony

The Ceremony KKK event is triggered in a random area located to the West of Southfield Flats, to the north of Rhodes. This event only happens at night time.

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

During this event, the KKK is accepting a new member. Unfortunately for the new brother and another member, things go quite bad and they end up getting burned by the same cross the new member set alight.

The other members will disperse, so if you're set on killing them, you have to do so before the cross is set on fire.

The Cross

The second KKK Chance Encounter can only be triggered during morning or noon after the first event has been completed. The location is close to Flatneck Station. The event occurs specifically between Flatneck Station and the Dakota River.

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

During this event, Arthur will see three members of the KKK trying to put a cross up. Greeting them will make the two KKK members trying to actually put the cross up drop it on themselves.

The black hooded man will then try to kill Arthur with a knife. Get rid of him in any way you want to complete the event.

The Fight

The third and final KKK Chance Encounter of Red Dead Redemption 2 only triggers when the first two have been completed. It can only happen at night in the area to the south of Cumberland Falls on the map.

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

During this event, you will see a few KKK members going at one another for some reason. You can just wait for them to finish arguing or kill all of them as soon as you catch a glimpse of them.

Like already said, make sure to kill all of them, as any who manages to escape will report Arthur to the authorities.

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