Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounters Guide

One the biggest reasons that the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 feels so alive is Chance Encounters. Chance Encounters are random events that may happen at any time while you are traveling the world.

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In this guide, we will cover all of the Red Dead Redemption 2 possible Chance Encounters, how they affect Arthur's Honor rating and the potential rewards you can get.

A Family On The Run

After Epilogue 1, Arthur may meet a family trying to escape from Armadillo. Getting in their way and terrorizing them leads to a 5 points reduction in Honor, while killing them to a 10 points reduction.

A Man and his Plants

During this Chance Encounter, Arthur can learn more about a special plant from a man passionate about them. This event features no Honor rating change.

Animal Encounters

These Chance Encounters involve saving a man from being attacked by an animal. There are two different variants of the encounter. The first one sees the man asking Arthur to help him before the animal attacks, the second one sees the animal already attacking the man.

For the first type, saving the man nets Arthur 10 Honor points. Ignoring the event reduces Honor points by 5, standing by watching reduces them by 10, and killing the man after saving him reduces them by 20.

For the second type, helping the man in any way he asks, like getting him medicine of whiskey, scaring the animal away or killing him nets 2 Honor Points. Standing by and watch without doing anything reduces Honor points by 5.


These Chance Encounters are also known as Gang Ambushes, where Arthur will be ambushed by members of other gangs like the O'Discrolls and the Lemoyne Raiders. Arthur can fight them or run away from them, with both choices bringing no Honor rating change.

Ambush in Saint Denis

A small variation on the ambush Random Encounters, this one can only happen in Saint Denis. While in the city's Saloon, a woman asks Arthur to follow her. Once in the alley, Arthur will be ambushed. Killing her at any time results in a loss of 5 Honor points.

Asking for Help

This Chance Encounter involves a man asking Arthur for help on the road, without him specifying how he can be helped. No matter what, Arthur will get 2 Honor Points, as the man will try to steal Arthur's horse once approached. Deal with him in any way you see fit.

Attacking Camps

These Chance Encounters happen when Arthur gets too close to the Murfee or Skinner camps. They will ask Arthur to go away, and if he doesn't comply, they will attack. These camps usually have a box with some small reward in it, so fight them if you feel confident in your shooting abilities. Having a full Dead Eye bar also helps. This event doesn't effect Arthur's Honor rating.

A Wealthy Couple

During this event, Arthur is asked by a couple to help them recover what has been stolen from them. Helping them increases Honor by 10 points. Not helping them reduces Honor by 5 points, while killing the couple after helping them reduces Honor by 20 points.


This Chance Encounter has two different variants, as the man can either be a true beggar or posing as one. In the first case, helping him increases Honor by 5 points while robbing him decreases it by 5 points. Beating him or killing him decreases Honor by 5 and 10 points respectively.

In the second case, helping him doesn't increase honor, but rewards Arthur with Snake Oil. Stealing from him doesn't bring any Honor rating change.

Bear Trap

This Chance Encounter involves helping a man caught in a bear trap. Helping him nets 10 Honor points. Giving him whiskey nets another 5. Saving him but robbing him reduces Honor points by 2. Ignoring the event reduces Honor points by 5 and just standing by and watch him dye reduces them by 20.

Bill Williamson

Sometimes, Van der Linde gang member Bill Williamson will get captured by bounty hunters, and Arthur will be asked to help freeing him. Agreeing to help increases Honor points by 5. Refusing to help reduces them by 2.

Boat Affairs

In this event, Arthur can loot some corpses that are being dropped in the water from a boat by Murfees. This event doesn't change Arthur's Honor rating.

Bounty Hunters

During this Chance Encounter, Arthur meets two bounty hunters as they are dealing with a wanted man. Arthur has the chance to kill the wanted man while tied, which reduces Honor points by 2, or bring him to the law himself, which increases Honor points by 5. Killing the bounty hunters and releasing the wanted man brings no Honor rating change.

Breaking the Safe

During this event, Arthur will encounter two men trying to open a safe. He can open the safe by himself and claim the reward inside. Honor rating doesn't change in any way after this event.

Bronte’s Men

In Saint Denis, it's possible to get into a fight with Bronte's Goons. No Honor changes are available during this event.

Another variant of the event is getting involved in a shootout against them while close to Saint Denis. No Honor changes happen during this event as well.

Burning Bodies

This Chance Encounter happens randomly in Coots Chapel. A man is seen burning bodies instead of burying them. If Arthur kills the man, he will lose 15 Honor points. Ignoring the event or leaving the man be doesn't alter the Honor rating in any way.


This Chance Encounter sees an outlaw getting buried. Arthur can mess with the grave at the cost of 2 Honor points or kill the attendees at the cost of 10 Honor points.

Camping Woman

In this Chance Encounter, Arthur can give some company to a lone woman staying at a camp. Accepting the woman's offer increases Honor points by 5. Being rude to her reduces Honor points by 5. Ignoring her reduces Honor points by 2 and killing her by 10.

Camp Ambush

While camping, Arthur can get ambushed by Murfees. After they have been killed, it's possible to loot bodies for small rewards. This event doesn't alter Arthur's Honor rating.

Chasing Thugs

This event only happens in Saint Denis. At any time, Arthur may spot a lawmen going after a thug. No Honor change occurs, no matter what Arthur decides to do.


This Chance Encounter involves a man piling bodies on a wagon thinking they have cholera. Killing the man results in a loss of 10 Honor points.

Coach Robbery

This Chance Encounter sees Arthur witness a coach robbery. Saving passengers increases Honor points by 10 while trying to save them, but failing increases them by 2. Ignoring the event reduces Honor points by 5, while standing by and watch reduces them by 10. The coach also always has a box that can be looted for some small rewards.

Conning Expert

In this random event, Arthur is asked by a man to help him find someone who has conned him. Bringing him back results in a loss of 5 Honor points. Lying to the conned man increases Honor by 2 points.

Dangerous Alleys

At any time while in a town or a city, Arthur can witness a man getting robbed in alleys. He can chose to help them to receive 5 Honor points, or ignore the event to lose 5 Honor points. 20 Honor points are lost if the man is killed after being rescued.

Dangerous Deals

This event involves outlaws arranging a shipment of firearms. They won't be happy to see Arthur and will tell him to leave. Killing the outlaws allows Arthur to steal some Ammo. This event doesn't influence the Honor rating in any way.

Death by Freezing

During this event, Arthur finds a frozen corpse and a note. This event can only happen in the northern part of the map. There are no Honor rating changes for this event


This Chance Encounter sees Arthur trying to settle the dispute between a bandit an a man owing him money. Arthur can help the debtor, which increases Honor by 5 points. The death of the debtor makes Arthur lose 5 Honor points.

Del Lobo Gang and the Law

At any time in the southern part of the map, Arthur may witness members of the Del Lobo Gang freeing themselves from lawmen and try to kill them. Not intervening results in a loss of 5 Honor points.

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