Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounters Guide

Lost Man

For this event, Arthur has to help a man who has lost his way by bringing him to the closest town. Helping him increases Honor points by 5 while ignoring him decreases them by 2.

Night Folk Gang

This random encounter, which can only happen in the Bayou region, sees two members of the gang dumb a body in the swamp. Witnessing this event may unlock the "A Fine Night for It" Stranger mission.

Night Folk Gang At It Again

This Chance Encounter can only happen in the Bayou region, near swamps. A voice will call out for help, and getting into the marked area unleashes an ambush by the Night Folk Gang. Completing this event may unlock the "A Fine Night for It" Stranger mission.

Not Really Dead

The Murfees are often carrying dead bodies on their carts, but sometimes they are not just corpses. Saving the man calling out amidst them increases Arthur's Honor rating by 10 points. Ignoring the event or leaving the poor soul to rot among the dead will decrease points by 5.

Old West Escort

In this Chance Encounter, Arthur is asked by a woman to get her to her destination, as her horse has failed her. Helping her increases Honor points by 10. Refusing her decreases points by 2, threatening her reduces them by 5 and killing her reduces her by 20. The woman will give Arthur a small reward once her destination has been reached.

Outlaws And Their Friends

This Chance Encounter involves outlaws attacking a wagon to free one of their own. There's no Honor rating chance for this event.

Peeping Toms

This Chance Encounter only happens in towns or cities, and it involves two men looking through a window. Arthur can join them, and get 2 Honor points or lose 10 if he looks for too long. Arthur can also stop the peeping and get 2 Honor points.


In this event, a poisoned man asks Arthur for help in tracking down a medicinal herb. Helping him increases Honor points by 5, ignoring him or just standing by and watch him die decreases them by 5. Killing him after helping him decreases them by 20.

Prisoners Escape

During this Chance Encounter, Arthur will witness some prisoners killing lawmen and trying to escape from a surviving one. Arthur can choose to help the lawman, which doesn't change the Honor rating, kill the lawman, which reduces Honor points by 8, or kill the prisoners, which doesn't chance the Honor rating. Like always, bodies can be looted for small rewards.

Rat Infestation

This event can only happen in the Saint Denis saloon. Arthur can help the bartender get rid of rats. Agreeing increases Honor by 5 points, refusing reduces it by 5.

Rescuing Hostages

In this event, Arthur is asked to save a hostage. Honor points increase by 10 for completing the task. Honor points decrease by 10 if the man is killed or the hostage dies, and by 20 if the hostage is rescued and then killed.

Running from Fussar

In this Chance Encounter, which can only happen after Chapter 5 has been completed, Arthur can help people who are running away from Fussar and his men. Agreeing to help increases Honor rating by 5 points.

Releasing Prisoner

During this random event Arthur is asked by a prisoner inside a wagon to help him get released. Agreeing to help increase Honor points by 10. Killing the lawmen driving the wagon will reduce Honor points by 5 for each lawman killed.

Saint Denis Alleys

Any time while in Saint Denis, Arthur can be ambushed in an alley if he follows the marked man. No Honor variation happens during the event.

Scared Horse

During this event, Arthur's horse will be spooked by a dead horse left by the Night Folk Gang. This encounter may unlock the "A Fine Night for It" Stranger mission.

Shooting Practice

This Chance Encounter sees members of the Lemoyne Raiders practicing shooting. There are no Honor rating changes for this event.

Shooting Challenges

During his travels, Arthur may be challenged by sharpshooters. Accepting the challenge and winning nets Arthur 5 Honor points. Cheating reduces Honor Points by 2 and killing the challenger, refusing to give him his reward or robbing him reduces them by 5.

Skinners Ambushes

After Epilogue 1, Arthur has the chance to get involved with the Skinners, attacking people. Getting involved nets 2 Honor points and saving the victims nets an additional 5 points. Not getting involved at all decreases Honor by 5 points.

Skinners and What They Leave Behind

This Chance Encounter can only happen after completing Epilogue 1. There are two different variants. The first one sees Arthur discover a camp that has been attacked by the Skinners, with a single survivor asking to be killed. Doing so will increase Honor by 5 points.

The second variation only features a lone dog at the camp. Killing it decreases Honor by 5 points.

Snake Bite

This random encounter involves helping a man who has been bitten by a snake. Giving him the medicine increases Honor by 20 points and unlocks a Random Encounter. Ignoring him reduces Honor by 5 points, while killing him after saving him reduces them by 20.

Street Fighting

Arthur can often witness two people going at one another. He can choose to sympathize with either of them for 2 Honor points or antagonize one of them, resulting in a loss of 2 Honor points. Killing any of the arguers results in a loss of 10 Honor points.

Stopping the KKK

The infamous KKK is involved in three different Chance Encounters. The first one is a ceremony where they accept a new member, the second is a dispute between different members and the third is a rally where members are trying to put up a cross. Preventing them from completing any of the three increases Honor points by 2.


While near a water body, Arthur may meet someone swimming. The swimmer will indicate a nice fishing spot. There are no Honor rating changes for this event.


This event can happen only inside stores. A man will pickpocket Arthur and running after him is the only way to recover what has been stolen. No Honor change is available during this event.


During this event two Murfees are torturing a man. Arthur can get involve and stop them, which will reward him with 12 Honor points. Ignoring the event results in a loss of 10 Honor points.

Train Robbery

Arthur can choose to get involved in a train robbery not started by him. Saving passengers earns him 2 Honor points. Standing by and watching the slaughter reduces Honor points by 5.


This Chance Encounter is triggered by falling into a pit trap. Arthur will then have to fight several enemies, with the ability to loot them afterward. This event doesn't influence the Honor rating in any way.

There's a small variation of this encounter where someone may taunt Arthur in following them. The outcome is the same as the regular version of the event.

Trapped Woman

During this random encounter, Arthur can help a woman who is stuck under her horse. Helping her and bringing her home increases Honor points by 5. Rejecting her request or not bringing her home decreases Honor points by 5. Killing her before releasing her decreases them by 10 and killing her after rescuing her decreases them by 20.


This event involves catching trespassers found in the Gray or Braithwaite family grounds. There are no Honor rating changes for this event.

Valentine Robbery

This event can only happen in Valentine. At any time while in the town, a man may get Arthur involved in a robbery. Once the money has been found, Arthur can tell the man he found none and keep it all for himself. This results in a loss of 5 Honor points.


At any time while in a town or city, Arthur may be confronted by a widow who claims he killed her husband. Offering her money increases Honor by 5 points. Ignoring her results in a loss of 2 points, while killing her in a loss of 10 points.


This event can only happen close to Roanoke Ridge. There, Arthur may meet a man who claims to have lived all his life with wolves. Following him to his den leads to some rewards. Killing the man or the wolves decreases Honor points by 2.

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