Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounters Guide

Digging for Gold

During this event, Arthur meets a man who is searching for gold. Waiting a little allows Arthur to steal the gold he finds, at the cost of a 2 Honor points reduction.

Drowning A Woman

This random event involves a man trying to drown a woman. Arthur can help the woman and earn 10 Honor points, or ignore the event and lose 5 points. Killing any of the two results in a loss of 10 points. Clearing the event also unlocks Chance Encounter.

Drunk Driver

In this event, Arthur will be asked by a visibly drunk wagon driver who has crashed his wagon to watch his possessions while he goes off in search of help. Agreeing to help him will increase Honor points by 2. Stealing his wares will he is still close to the wagon decreases Honor points by 5. Stealing the Valerian Root from the box decreases Honor Points by 2.

Drunk Arguing

At any time while in a town or city, Arthur may get involved in a dispute between two drunks. No Honor change happens, no matter what Arthur does.

Drunk at Camp

In this Chance Encounter, Arthur can keep company with a drunk man. Giving him whiskey will reveal more information regarding Fort Riggs, where the man served in the past. This event doesn't alter the Honor rating in any way.

Drunk Dueling

This Chance Encounter is only triggered in saloons, where a drunk man challenges Arthur to a duel. Disarming the opponent leads to an increase in Honor by 2 points. Refusing the duel altogether nets 5 Honor points.

A variation of the event happens in the Rhodes Saloon. Disarming the opponent rewards Arthur with 2 Honor points, while killing him reduces them by 2.

Emptying Pots

Any time while in Saint Denis, Arthur can witness people emptying chamber pots from a balcony. No Honor change is available during this event.

Firearms Going Wrong

While in a town or a city, Arthur may witness someone showing off a weapon. Honor will not change, no matter what Arthur does.

Free Items and Weapons

Sometime after helping the man bitten by a snake, it's possible to get a nice reward from him when getting close to any store. The man allows Arthur to get any item in said store for free.

Free the Prisoner

In this Chance Encounter, Arthur has to release a prisoner from his shackles by shooting them. Helping the prisoner increases Honor points by 5 while taking him to any sheriff nets Arthur the prisoner's bounty.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Gang Encounters

Sometimes, members of different gangs may go at one another. Intervening doesn't bring any change in the Honor rating but lets Arthur loot bodies once they are all dead.

Gang Robberies

The Lemoyne Raiders and the O'Driscolls may be caught in the act of robbing people. Saving the victim increases Honor by 5 points, while just standing by and watch reduces it by 5.

Gathering Plants

During this event, two men at a camp will ask Arthur to gather some plants for the production of Moonshine. Helping them increases Honor rating by 2 points. They will also give Arthur a reward.

Hanged Man

There are times Arthur may find a hanged man. Getting close to the hanging body often leads to an ambush.


After saving the woman from drowning during another Chance Encounter, Arthur may witness the culprit getting punished. Helping the man escape and killing the lawmen reads to a 5 Honor points loss.

Hooker Needing Help

This event only happens in Valentine. During the event, Arthur has to help a hooker dispose of the body of someone she just killed. Helping her reduces Honor by 5 points, reporting her to the law increases it by 5 points.

Horses and Their Owners

This Random Encounter comes in two variants. In the first one, the horse kills the owner. In the second, the horse runs away from his rider.

The first variant allows Arthur to capture the horse and either make it his own or loot the saddlebags. The second allows Arthur to help the rider recover his horse, rewarding him with 5 Honor points. Declining to help decreases Honor points by 2, and killing the rider after agreeing to help him reduces them by 10.

Horse Race

This Chance Encounter is self-explanatory. Arthur will be challenged to a horse race for a reward. Cheating during the race reduces Honor points by 2 while killing the man reduces them by 10.

Hunting Bears

During this event, Arthur will be asked by a hunter to help him with a bear. Saving him from the bear's attack increases Honor rating by 5. Killing the man after helping him decreases Honor points by 20.

Injured Rider

This event involves saving an injured rider and taking him to the hospital. Doing so increases Honor rating by 10 points and unlocks another Chance Encounter.


This Chance Encounter only happens in Saint Denis, where members of the Lemoyne Raiders may throw Molotov bottles against buildings. Honor will not change, no matter what Arthur decides to do.


During this Chance Encounter, Arthur has to help a woman and save her from the Murfees. Saving her increases Honor points by 10, with an additional 5 points getting awarded for bringing the woman to her destination. Arthur loses 5 honor points for not freeing her after the rescue or not escorting her, 10 for just standing by and watch and 20 for killing her after the rescue.

There a second variant of this Chance Encounter which involves saving a kidnapped woman on horseback. Arthur gets 10 Honor points for saving her and loses 5 for ignoring the event or failing to save the woman.

Laramie Gang

This Chance Encounter only happens after completing Epilogue 1. Arthur gets 2 Honor points from preventing the Laramie Gang from terrorizing farmers.

Laramie Gang and Wagons

The Laramie Gang never stops being a threat after Epilogue 1, and Arthur may stumble upon them trying to rob a wagon. Helping passengers increases Honor points by 10, while ignoring the event, standing by to just watch and killing the passengers after helping them reduces Honor points by 5, 10 and 20 respectively.

Lemoyne Raiders and Executions

During this event, Arthur has the chance the save some innocent folk from the Lemoyne Raiders. Saving them increases Honor points by 10 while trying and failing increases them by 2. Ignoring the event reduces Honor points by 5.

Lemoyne Raiders and Wagons

In this Chance Encounter, which can only happen in the Lemoyne region, Arthur will witness members of the Lemoyne Raiders trying to steal from a wagon blocked at a checkpoint. Helping the wagon driver increases Honor points by 5, killing the driver decreases them by 10 and stealing from the wagon decreases them by a single point.

Lemoyne Raiders and Rhodes

While in the Rhodes Saloon, Lemoyne Raiders may enter to seek Arthur. Leaving the saloon prevents the confrontation. No Honor changes are available during this event.

Letter to Bonnie

In this event, Arthur finds a wrecked raft with valuable on it. A letter to Bonnie MacFarlane is also found on it. There are no Honor rating changes for this event.


This Chance Encounter is rather straightforward: it's just a man looting a corpse. Arthur can leaving him be or kill him and loot two corpses. No matter what Arthur does, his Honor rating will not change.

Lost Dog

In this Chance Encounter, Arthur has to help a man find his dog again. Rescuing the animal results in a 10 point increase in Honor. Beating the man after he starts mistreating the dog results in additional 2 Honor points. Killing the man decreases points by 2.

Lost Drunk

During his travels, Arthur may encounter a drunk man who has lost his way. Giving him correct info awards 2 Honor points, while lying leads to a 2 points reduction. Arthur can also follow him after lying to lose 10 more Honor points. Killing him reduces Honor points by 20.

Lost Friend

During this Chance Encounter, Arthur has to help a man find his lost friend through the Eagle Eye ability. Helping him increases Honor by 5 points while ignoring him decreases them by 2.

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