Red Dead Online Camps Guide

Red Dead Online allows players to enjoy the game with others and complete a variety of activities together thanks to posses, which are pretty much RDR2's clans or gangs. Every posse needs a camp and players have quite a bit of control over the size of the camp they want to create, where to place it and so on.

Red Dead Online Camps Guide

As camps are extremely important in Red Dead Online, even just to avoid having to deal with other belligerent players in Free Roam mode, learning everything there is to know about them is extremely important to make the best out of the online multiplayer mode.

Camps Basics

Camps can only be set by posse leaders. Inside each camp, the leader and all members of the posse can access the wardrobe, cook food and craft items. All members of the posse can also hide from groups of enemies if the camp has the white flag risen.

Red Dead Online Camps Guide

To access the camps' flag, you just need to get close to it and inspect it using the Left Trigger button on Xbox One and the L2 Button on PlayStation 4. This is done with the L key on PC. If the white flag is up, other players will not be able to damage any of the camp's occupants. If the white flag is lowered, however, the red one will be risen, indicating that those in the camp are ready for combat.

Flags in camps can also be changed in color. Doing so will cost $50 or 2 Gold Bars, which is definitely expensive, considering how hard it is to earn money in the game.

Camps Sizes

When creating a camp, you will be able to choose its size, between small and large.

The small camp can host up to four players, and it will require $1 a day for its upkeep. The large camp can host up to seven players, and it will require $2 a day for its upkeep.

The camp's size only influences the number of players that it can host: facilities are the same in both small and large camps.

Moving Camps

Camps cannot be placed freely, but only in one of 12 different locations: Scarlett Meadows, Bayou Nwa, Big Valley, Cholla Springs, Cumberland Forest, Gaptooh Ridge, Great Plains, Grizzlies, Heartlands, Hennigan's Stead, Rio Bravo, Roanoke Ridge, and Tall Trees.

Red Dead Online Camps Guide

Camps can also be moved to any of the 12 locations at any time while in Free Roam mode by paying a fee. It costs $2 to move a small camp and $4 to move a large one.

Camp Customization

Once you have your camp set up and running, you can customize it with a theme which can be purchased by talking with Cripps, who acts as your dedicated assistant in Red Dead Online.

Of all the themes, only the Standard theme is free, as the others can be unlocked by ranking up or by purchasing them. The Military Surplus Theme is unlocked at Rank 24, while the Traveling Opulence Theme is unlocked at Rank 38. The Hobo Life Theme is only available for purchase for $150. If you have purchased the Ultimate Edition, you can also use the Survivor Theme. This theme is currently exclusive to the Ultimate Edition, so it's not possible to unlock it any other way at this time.

Camp Upgrades

Like in the single-player story mode, it's possible to upgrade camps and enjoy some additional perks like improved cores restoration at camp and while in Free Roam. All upgrades need to be unlocked first by ranking up, which makes them available for purchase.

The currently available upgrades are:

  • Rank 15: Lean-To Tent - Refills Cores to 25% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 50% faster when resting at Camp.
  • Rank 22: A-Frame Tent - Refills to 35% when entering Free Roam, 75% faster at Camp.
  • Rank 36: Tall Lean-To Tent - Refills to 45% when entering Free Roam, 100% at Camp.
  • Rank 49: Open-Air Lean-To Tent - Refills Cores to 55% when entering Free Roam, 125% at Camp.
  • Rank 55: Covered Lean-To Tent - Refills Cores to 65% when entering Free Roam, 150% at Camp.
  • Rank 64: Covered Tent - Refills to 75% in Free Roam, 175% at Camp

The final camp upgrade is the Fast Travel upgrade, unlocked at rank 65. Fast travel allows players to travel between 16 different travel points, including your camp, for a fee.

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