Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Upgrades Guide

The Van der Linde Gang may always be on the move, trying to stay ahead of the law while also keeping their dreams alive, but they do have a place they can call home: their camp.

In the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode, the camp is the place you will visit more often, as it includes a variety of services that will make Arthur's life easier. At camp, he can obtain provisions, eat food, interact with fellow Gang members (who may also offer some lucrative jobs), change outfits, play mini-games, and much more.

The camp can also be upgraded. Upgrades not only make the already existing facilities better, but they also add new services that are available to the Gang. These upgrades cost money, so you'd better start earning some if you want your Camp to provide an optimal support base as your progress through the world of RDR2.

In this guide we will cover everything there is to know about the camp and its upgrades. Please note that there are some light spoilers at the end of the overview section, so avoid reading it in full if you have yet to complete the game.

Camp Overview

In the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode, the camp is your main base of operations, as most story missions can be initiated by speaking with members of the Van der Linde Gang in the camp. Its location, which is marked on the map with a specific icon, always changes at the beginning of each chapter, but its facilities will not, so any purchased upgrade will continue to be available even after the camp has moved to a new location.

While in the camp, players have the ability to interact with any member of the Gang available at the time. By speaking with them, players can learn more about their story, how they feel about the current events of the game, and so on. At times, fellow Gang members will also ask Arthur to bring a specific item to them: if you fulfil their requests, your Honor rating will increase.

The camp is also the place where players can enjoy most of the mini-games that story mode offers. They will not be available at all times, though, so just make some time pass in case no one is around to play five-finger-fillet or dominoes. These will always be available when the Gang is celebrating the return of a member, which happens a few times during the story, so be sure to take advantage of the situation if you're in the mood.

Being the main center of operations, the camp is available at all times for the duration of the game. For story reasons, it will no longer be available in the two epilogues, as the Beecher's Hope ranch in New Austin will become the new center of operations in Epilogue 2. Upgrades will no longer be available for purchase at this point.

How To Upgrade the Camp

Upgrades can be purchased at any time in the camp by accessing the ledger, which is located close to the Gang's money box. As upgrades are purchased with the Gang's money, players need to donate to the Gang first, before being able to purchase anything from the ledger.

It's also possible to donate items to the Gang. This will result in the item getting converted automatically into money.

Lodging Upgrades

Lodging upgrades are the most important to purchase, as they not only unlock a very important feature, but also increase the amount of money other Gang members donate.

Lodging can be upgraded three times. The first upgrade, Lodging Tier 2, increases other Gang member's donations, which should make purchasing upgrades a bit easier. This upgrade costs $220.

The second lodging upgrade is the Lodging Tier 3 upgrade. For the price of $325, you will be able to unlock fast travel, which allows players to reach select locations on the map instantly.

The third and final lodging upgrade, Lodging Tier 4, is purchased for $300. It will further increase donations from other Gang members and decrease the consumption rate of supplies, making them last longer after each restock.

Arthur’s Wagon

Arthur's wagon allows players to rest, groom themselves, read letters and access their wardrobe, which lets you not only change your current clothes but also change the outfits carried on your horse.

In the back of Arthur's wagon, it's also possible to pick up ammo for your weapons, with the selection of available ammo getting better as the related upgrades for Authur's wagon are purchased. His wagon can be upgraded three times and each upgrade increases the variety of ammunition that can be picked up after a restock. The first upgrade, Improve Our Offense, adds repeater ammo and arrows. It can be purchased for $60.

The second upgrade, Some Real Firepower, adds throwing knives, shotgun and rifle ammo to the available selection. It can be purchased for $90.

The third and final upgrade, Let's Have Some Fun, adds fire bottles and high-velocity repeater ammo, which is among the most powerful ammo available for repeaters. It can be purchased for $110.

Pearson’s Wagon

Pearson is the Van der Linde Gang cook, but he isn't just in charge of cooking and managing food supplies, as he can also craft a variety of cosmetic upgrades for the camp with the right items.

Pearson's wagon can be upgraded three times. The first upgrade, called Less Bland, adds fresh fruit and basic canned goods to the selection of items that can be picked up in his wagon. It can be purchased for $30.

The second upgrade, called Some Real Variety, adds chewing tobacco and premium canned goods to the items available after restocking. It can be purchased for $45.

The third and final upgrade, Treat Ourselves, adds cocaine chewing gum and assorted sweets to the items that can be picked up at the wagon. It can be purchased for $55.

Pearson's wagon has also an additional upgrade that unlocks the ability to craft Satchel upgrades, the Leather Working Tools. They can be purchased for $225.

Strauss’ Wagon

Leopold Strauss isn't just in charge of the Gang's books and money, but he also serves as the camp's doctor, allowing players to pick up tonics and other items by his wagon.

Strauss' wagon can be upgraded three times. The first upgrade, Sharpen The Senses, adds Snake Oil and Potent Bitters to the selection of available items after restocking. It can be purchased for $30.

The second upgrade, called Something With Kick, adds Tonics and Premium Liquor to the available items. It can be purchased for $50.

The third and final upgrade, The Good Stuff, adds Potent Health Cures and some more tonics. It can be purchased for $75.

“Other” Upgrades

The next upgrades add some important facilities to the camp, providing additional benefits not otherwise available.

The Chicken Coop, which can be purchased for $175, brings more chickens into the camp, improving Pearson's stew considerably, increasing healing power and boosting Dead Eye.

The Horse Station, which can be purchased for $300, increases the number of available hitching posts for horses, allowing players to bring more horses to the camp and to recall their main horse to camp no matter where it is on the map.

The Camp Boat, which can be purchased for $360 once you reach Chapter 3. This makes transportation easier as well as fishing spots more accessible.

Cosmetic Upgrades

The following upgrades are simply cosmetic, so they don't add any new features to the camp. They can be crafted by talking with Pearson only after having purchased the Leather Working Tools. Each upgrade requires specific items to craft.

  • Alligator Skull - Perfect Alligator Skin
  • Big Horn Ram Skull -  Perfect Ram Carcass
  • Cougar Pelt Covered Chest - 2x Perfect Cougar Pelt
  • Boar Skin Table Cover -  Perfect Boar Pelt
  • Ox Hide Rug -  2x Perfect Ox Hide
  • Boar Skin Rug - 4x Perfect Boar Pelt
  • Pronghorn Leather Table Tops - 2x Perfect Pronghorn Hide
  • Pronghorn Skull - Perfect Pronghorn Carcass
  • Moose Antlers - Moose Antlers
  • Wolf Skull - Perfect Wolf Carcass
  • Snake Skin Banjo Head - 2x Perfect Snake Skin
  • Campfire Seat Cover - Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt
  • Campfire Log  Seat Cover - 2x Perfect Wolf Pelt
  • Cow Hide Ground Cover - Perfect Cow Hide
  • Scout Fire Ground Cover - 2x Perfect Goat Hide
  • Elk Antlers - Elk Antler
  • Hanging Bones - Buck Antlers
  • Buck Skull - Perfect Buck Carcass
  • Fur Horse Blankets - Perfect Coyote Pelt x2, Perfect Bison Pelt

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