Red Dead Online, Cheats And You

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a full list of cheats which give you various advantages in the game, like unlocking weapons or new Dead-Eye level upgrades. The game's multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, has no cheats though. The cheats for the single player version don't work in Online, nor can you expect there to ever be any kind of cheats in Online.

Red Dead Online Game Modes & Features Detailed

For some of you, this may read like a rather obvious statement. Obviously, why would there be cheats in Red Dead Online?

That said, a lot of folk aren't as clear on this. Those players who have experience with Rockstar's other big multiplayer spin-off, Grand Theft Auto Online, will know how relevant the discussion regarding cheating in multiplayer really is.

Red Dead Online, Cheats And You

The basic reason for the lack of cheats in Red Dead Online comes down to the economy. As we've already written about, the in-game economy is currently horribly broken. Hopefully, by the time the beta has run its course and Red Dead Online is fully released, things will have been adjusted enough to make it less of a grind, and to eliminate the issue of playing one's self into virtual bankruptcy.

While not yet implemented, Red Dead Online will also feature microtransactions that allow players to purchase in-game premium currency with real money. Using the premium currency you can buy cosmetics, horse insurance and weapon customization, among other things.

Gold, this premium currency, can be acquired through gameplay but at a very slow pace, which is the incentive for purchasing it. If players have access to cheats, that means they have an advantage that makes farming Gold and regular currency easier (or in the case of some codes, would eliminate the need to purchase any upgrades completely), removing the incentive to purchase microtransactions. It also tosses up game balance, ruins PvP and is ill-fitting with immersion and realism.

Let's look at a bit of background here. Rockstar learned much about making multiplayer games with their development and on-going support for GTA Online. Rockstar's experiences with that game undoubtedly shaped Red Dead Online in an immense way. If not for GTA Online, RDO likely wouldn't even exist, and Red Dead Redemption 2 would only have a multiplayer mode like Red Dead Redemption did, if even that.

Red Dead Online, Cheats And You

Thing is, with GTA Online, Rockstar has been fighting an unending battle with cheaters since practically day one.

GTA Online having been released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 before the current gen, those long-cracked consoles proved to be a hotbed for hacking. When the game was released on PC, the peer-to-peer servers put up virtually no resistance to the hackers on that platform. And with character transfers, these vulnerable platforms allowed hackers to access the game on the uncracked Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Though the situation has been cleaned up for the most part, there were long stretches of time in 2016 and 2017 where, based on the level of community outrage, one might have thought that GTA Online was made unplayable by rampant hacking. This was almost true.

The situation is inherently different with Red Dead Online, yes. The game has only been released so far on the currently uncracked PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, making hacking a non-issue. However, in all likelihood there will be a PC release at some time in the future, and we never know when hackers might crack these current-gen platforms too.

Even if, hypothetically, hacks for Red Dead Online appear in the future, their use will incur severe consequences which would likely involve progress wipes and permanent bans, if GTA Online's policy is anything to go by (and rightly so!).

Red Dead Online, Cheats And You

That's the long version of why Rockstar will never suffer cheats in Red Dead Online. So what can you do if you feel stuck, or need help with progress? Your options are restricted to legitimate ones, but if you work smart you can thrive in the game just as well.

First of all, since this is the beta testing phase, the current state of the in-game economy should not be considered final. Considering the magnitude of the criticism aimed at prices and rewards, we think that Rockstar is very likely going to change things before the full release of Red Dead Online.

Beyond that, you can refer to our numerous guides that help you master the various mechanics of Red Dead Online. Whether it's money-making, ranking up or using the ability card system, we've got you covered with tips and trick to up your game. Keep your eye on our Red Dead Online guides section as we update it with new information and walkthroughs.

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