Red Dead Online Microtransactions Now Available

Rockstar Games has begun selling gold bars for Red Dead Online. Now that microtransactions have entered the game, it's certain that Rockstar won't be wiping progress once the beta is over, which lines up with what they've stated previously. With the microtransaction system in place, we now see just what kind of value gold bars really have.


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Most players are likely interested in the prices these packs cost. These prices give us the baseline to which we can compare the data seen in this economy overview, which tells us how much playtime is required to earn gold and how much gold items cost. The prices of the microtransactions are as follows:

  • 25 Gold Bars (One Time Special) - $4.99
  • 25 Gold Bars – $9.99
  • 55 Gold Bars = $19.99
  • 150 Gold Bars  – $49.99
  • 245 Gold Bars – $74.99
  • 350 Gold Bars – $99.99

Now, if we refer back to that guide, we'll remember that 1 gold bar can be earned after 2 hours of grinding. Basically, an hour of your life is valued at $0.20 in Red Dead Online's economy when looking at the standard 25 Gold Bar pack. The 350 Gold Bar pack places even less value on your time.

We know that the total cost of everything in Red Dead Online amounts to 2,134 gold bars right now - this will undoubtedly increase as DLC adds new items - which, based on these prices, is about $620. That's a pretty crazy number considering this isn't a freemium title, but a paid AAA game.

Every player can purchase a one-time pack of 25 gold bars on a discount at $5 instead of $10, however, you can't repeat this and are stuck with the full price afterward. This is likely a way to rope in players with an enticing offer, and once the ice is broken, they're more likely to buy that $10 pack.

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Criticism has been raised against the current state of Red Dead Online's economy by the player base seeing as it takes unreasonable amounts of time to actually earn in-game currency. Seen by many as a deliberate tactic to make the purchase of microtransactions the only realistic way to acquire items, the move is considered ill-fitting for a paid game. Rockstar has promised to readjust the in-game economy. We'll see how things turn out when final release rolls around.

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