Red Dead Online "Hostile Territory" Guide

Hostile Territory is one of the few competitive multiplayer modes available in the Red Dead Online Showdown Series playlist. In this playlist, it's not possible to choose which mode to play, so becoming good at all of them is required to get the highest possible rewards for each run.

Red Dead Online "hostile Territory" Guide

Hostile Territory is one of the most unique multiplayer modes currently available in Red Dead Online. While the others, with the exception of the Make It Count battle royale mode, are mostly focused on offense, Hostile Territory requires players to be good at both offense and defense to succeed.

In this guide, we will cover everything there is to know about the mode as well as some useful tips that will help you get better at it.

Mode Overview

Hostile Territory can only be played in teams, so playing with your permanent Posse is definitely better, as there's a certain amount of communication and coordination needed to succeed.

In this mode, the two teams have to capture territories and hold them for as long as possible to let them generate points. The team with the most points wins the match.

While Hostile Territory grants unlimited respawns for the duration of the whole match, it's better to avoid getting killed by the opponents, as points will be granted for each kill.

Divide and Conquer

As the Hostile Territory mode is all about map control, confusing the opposing team is of extreme importance. At the beginning of the match, hop onto the nearest horse and ride hard to capture one of the territories on the edge of the map. This will force your opposition to split their forces, as assaults on their territories may come from multiple places.

If you have good communication and coordination with your team members, you can also choose to focus solely on capturing territories on the edges of the map, forcing your opponents to the center.

Smart Positioning

The maps available in the Hostile Territory are quite varied, offering a diverse environment to play in. As they are all based on locations seen in the story mode and in Free Roam, you can put your knowledge of the locations to good use.

Pick a weapon with good range as soon as you can and find a good vantage point. Dead players are usually respawned on hillsides and other similar locations, so staying as high as possible will help you kill them as soon as they come back into play. Respawn locations are also limited in number, so memorize them as quickly as possible to gain more advantage.

Defending Territories

As captured territories allow teams to earn points for as long as they are in their control, defending them is extremely important. As such, rushing from one territory to the next is not beneficial, as you may end up loosing a captured territory soon after conquering it. Make sure to stay behind when a territory is occupied, find a good vantage point and get your best weapons ready.

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