Red Dead Online "Shootout" Mode Guide

The Red Dead Online Showdown Series allows players to take part in several competitive multiplayer modes. When all story missions have been completed, they also become the best way to earn Gold Bars and money, so you will definitely end up playing them a lot.


Among the Showdown Series available modes is the Shootout mode. This mode is a rather straightforward deathmatch mode, where the player who manages to kill the most opponents win. There's also a team variant of this mode which works in the same exact way.

Even though the mode is straightforward, there a few tips that will help you improve at it. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Mode Overview

The Shootout mode is a free for all deathmatch mode where players must kill the highest amount of opponents to win. Shootout comes in two different variants: solo and team. Outside of kills getting counted for each team, there are no differences between the two variants.

Being a deathmatch mode, players will have an unlimited amount of respawns, and so they are always able to play until the time runs out.


Like the Name Your Weapon mode, playing Solo Shootout is somewhat more difficult for inexperienced players, as your opponents will start coming after you over and over once they realize you're less experienced.

For this reason, it's better to play Team Shootout the first few times you attempt it, as having friends helping you will make it easier to understand how this mode is played.

The maps include Saint Denis Docks and Bolger Glade.

Always Be On The Move

While this is generally good advice for all Red Dead Online multiplayer modes, staying on the move at all times is even more important in Shootout, especially if you're playing solo, as all players are your opponents.

Trying to slow down movement or hide is also pointless if you're playing solo, as your position is always indicated on the other players' maps. When moving, also try to make it unpredictable, like moving diagonally or zig-zagging to make it more difficult for other players to get a clean shot at you.

In Team Shootout, things are slightly different. If you have good communication with your teammates, you can even try to stay hidden from view to out-maneuver opponents and so on.

Best Weapons

Shootout is an extremely fast-paced mode, so the best weapons to use in this mode are those with quick reload times, good accuracy and fire rate. Revolvers may get the job done from time to time, but their slow reload time will eventually leave you vulnerable.

Repeaters and shotguns are very good choices, especially the latter, as you can take down opponents in a couple of shots. Incredibly enough, the Varmint Rifle is an extremely good choice, despite being among the weakest weapons in Red Dead Online: its extreme accuracy makes it deadly, even compared to other weapons sporting better firepower.

Hints and Tips

Near the edge of the maps, heavy weaponry has been positioned allowing those who get to them first to gain an advantage. These include Maxim Guns and Cannons, which gives you high damage and range.

Additionally, players may revive downed team-mates, so don't forget to support your allies.

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