"Arcadia for Amateurs" Stranger Mission Guide

Stranger missions are the best way to get acquainted with people not directly involved in the Van der Linde gang's affairs in Red Dead Redemption 2. Completing each phase of the missions also allows players to learn more about the world, often bringing them to locations that are not part of any story mission.

"arcadia For Amateurs" Stranger Mission Guide

The Arcadia for Amateurs Stranger mission objective is in line with the A Test of Faith mission, as Arthur will be involved with something that he would have hardly been otherwise.

During the mission, the Red Dead Redemption 2 main character gets acquainted with Albert Mason, a man who is looking to make it big in the world through photography. He is choosing dangerous subjects, however, and it will be up to Arthur to make sure that he doesn't get himself killed while taking the perfect shot of a dangerous animal.

Quest Initiation

The Arcadia for Amateurs Stranger mission can be initiated at any time from Chapter 2 onward. Albert Mason's first location is to the north of Blackwater, between the "I" and "A" in West Elizabeth on the map. Just make sure to avoid heading into the Blackwater territory if you're in the early game, as that will get you killed easily.

Progression for the Arcadia for Amateurs mission is not gated behind story progression, as all parts of the mission can be completed even in Chapter 2. To unlock the next part, you just need to wait for a few in-game days. If you're in a rush, just complete a single part, camp, and sleep for a few days. The next Albert Mason location will be highlighted on the map.

Part I

The first part of the mission sees Arthur try to recover Albert Mason's bag, which is stolen by a coyote while he is posing for a photo.

The coyote is somewhat fast, but you will be able to reach it after a while. The bag will be recovered automatically, so there's no need to kill the coyote. Once the bag has been recovered, return to Albert Mason to receive his undying gratitude and complete the first part of the mission.

Part II

The second part of the Arcadia for Amateurs mission can be initiated by going to the northwest of Wallace Station, which is past the Dakota River while moving from the West of Valentine.

This time, Albert Mason is doing something extremely dangerous, which is to take shots of wolves, who aren't the most docile animals around. To attract the animals, Albert hung some meat on a tree, and the predators don't fail to show up. Once they are done with the meat, however, they will turn their attention toward Arthur and Albert.

The wolves are quick, so make sure to have enough Dead Eye bar to deal with them before they can reach the photographer. The Carbine Repeater is the best weapon to kill all of them with a single headshot.

Once all wolves have been dealt with, Albert will thank Arthur and heed his suggestion of choosing less-dangerous subjects for his next photo shoot.

Part III

The third part of the Arcadia For Amateurs Stranger mission can be initiated by going to the marked location to the northwest of Emerald Station and the north of Emerald Ranch.

This time, Albert decided on way less dangerous subject: horses. He still needs Arthur help, though, as the animals are not getting close enough for a good photo. To unleash your cowboy within, just get on your horse, get close to the wild horses, circle around them and then ride behind them to get them close enough for Albert to take a good picture.

Once the picture has been taken, Albert will thank Arthur once again and give him a small reward, the picture he took of the wolves seen in the second part of the mission.

Part IV

The fourth part of the Arcadia for Amateurs can be initiated a few days after the third part has been completed by heading to the marked area to the north of Saint Denis, south of the Bluewater Marsh on the map.

Having not learned the lesson regarding dangerous animals at all, Albert Mason is back at it, wanting to take a picture of an alligator. Like with the wolves, Albert asks help for Arthur, who will accompany him in the search of these extremely dangerous predators.

There are three alligators to find down, and their general locations are tracked down on the map. The first alligator is found close to the start of the mission, dragging some prey. The second one requires Arthur to attract the alligator and make it go into the water. The third and final one can be found swimming around.

Once all the three pictures have been taken, Albert will ask Arthur to go back to the starting location. Do that, and the mission will be over.

Part V

The fifth part of the Arcadia for Amateurs Stranger mission is also the final one and it's not particularly difficult to complete either. It can be initiated by going to the south of Valentine, right to the north of the "N" in New Hanover on the map.

This time, Albert Mason decided to move from dangerous animals to more elusive ones, trying to take photos of an eagle. To do so, he is positioned way too close to the edge of the cliff, and he will eventually fall. Thankfully, he manages to hold onto the mountain wall and it's up to Arthur to get him back up. Just follow the button prompts and Albert Mason will make it out without any serious injury.

Finally realizing the dangers of his venture, Albert Mason packs his gear up and leaves. Ending the fifth part of the Arcadia for Amateurs mission completes the mission for good. One less to go!

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