Red Dead Redemption 2 Fishing Guide

Fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great way to earn money or pass the time while taking in the game's sights. Arthur Morgan gains access to a fishing pole, and thus fishing, during a story mission in Chapter 2 where he takes the previous game's protagonist's son Jack Marston to teach him the art.

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The mission also teaches you, the player, how to fish in Red Dead Redemption 2. Fishing is affected by the timing and by the bait you use. You can switch between various types of bait from the item wheel once you've equipped your fishing pole. Bait and Lures work slightly differently and are for different types of fish.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fishing Guide

Fishing With Bait

Bait should be applied when you are trying to catch small to medium sized fish, for food or to sell.

Whenever you're near a body of water, there are some visual cues indicating good fishing locations. Small waves, bubbling and disturbed water indicates the presence of fish. When using bait, you need to cast your line right where the fish are. You can adjust the aim of your casting with the trigger buttons.

Once the line is cast, you'll need to flick the rod with the triggers occasionally to attract the catch. Flick in moderation, as a much too active bait will frighten the fish. Once caught - this will cause the "Hook Fish" button prompt to appear - you can easily reel in the fish.

Please refrain from bait jokes in the comments.

Fishing With Lures

Lures allow you to catch larger and legendary fish but are used differently. Instead of casting right into the visual indicator of fish, you cast beyond it, then slowly reel in to drag the lure through the fish area. This combined with occasional flicking will attract larger fish.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fishing Guide

When large fish are hooked, they will attempt to break free. You'll need to move your rod around to prevent it from pulling out more line, but make sure not to let it snap. Only reel when the fish isn't actively struggling. Legendary fish will put up a particularly tough fight.

You can buy bait and lures in any general store, however not all types will be in stock. Lagras has a specialized bait shop that stocks everything all the time. The baits' descriptions tell you what kind of fish and water type they are for. Red Dead Redemption 2 has three types a water: lake, river and swamp. Using the correct kind of bait or lure is key.

Bait and Lure Types

It is essential that you choose the right type of bait and lure if you want to increase your chances of a good catch. If you choose simple baits then you can expect small fish to be attracted, and if you choose special lures then you can expect a bigger catch.

Bait Types

  1. Bread: Used for smaller fish.
  2. Corn: Used for smaller fish.
  3. Cheese: Used for smaller fish.
  4. Crayfish: Used for larger sized fishes in deep lakes and rivers.
  5. Crickets: Used for medium sized river fish.

Lure Types

  1. River Lure: Used to attract small and medium sized river fish.
  2. Lake Lure: Used to attract medium and large fish in lakes.
  3. Swamp Lure: Used to attract medium and large sized fish in swamps.
  4. Special River Lure: Increases the chances of catching a small and medium sized river fish.
  5. Special Lake Lure: Increases the chances of catching medium and large fish in lakes.
  6. Special Swamp Lure: Increases the chances of catching medium and large sized fish in swamps.

Bait and Lure Combinations

These are the best kinds of bait and lures to use for specific types of fish.

Type of Fish Bait/Lure
Bluegill Cheese
Chain Pickerel Corn
Redfin Pickerel Bread
Rock Bass Cheese or any natural bait
Smallmouth Bass Any natural bait
Bullhead Catfish Cheese or Corn
Perch Bread
Lake Sturgeon Lake Lure
Largemouth Bass Crayfish
Steelhead Trout Worms
Muskie Lake Lure
Sockeye Salmon River Lure
Northern Pike River Lure
Channel Catfish Swamp Lure
Longnose Gar Swamp Lure

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