All 10 Legendary Bounties Now Available In Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games is sending off its Legendary Bounty series in Red Dead Online with a massive ensemble hoedown, presenting licensed Bounty Hunters with a unique new challenge this week. There are also new clothing items to try on, a new weekly collection to gather and more.

All licensed Bounty Hunters can go on an epic spree this week, with all 10 Legendary Bounties that were featured week by week being available all at once. You can try to run through them all, or just pick and choose your favorite ones. The list of targets includes outlaws, thieves, crazed murderers and other undesirables for you to bring in dead or alive.

As an added bonus, these Legendary Bounties are paying out larger rewards this week too. Each completed bounty will reward you with 50% more RDO$ than usual, and you can also earn 25% more XP that goes towards both your Bounty Hunter role progression and your regular character progression.

If you tire of hunting down criminals, you can always turn to Wheeler, Rawson & Co. for a bit of shopping therapy. Grab the new Covington Hat and fresh colors for the Patterned Bandana - but be quick about it, since both are available for just a limited time.

You can also collect the all-new Foundation Collection, comprised of the Feldspar Arrowhead, Endicott Diamond Earring and Emmeline Coral Earring for a major reward from Madam Nazar. Alternatively, test your skills with the Gun Rush Featured Free-Aim Series.

To help out Bounty Hunters with their list of 10 targets, you can grab the Bounty Wagon at a 25% discount this week to increase the success of your exploits. Collectors, on the other hand, are assisted by an identical discount on all items sold by Madam Nazar. The 25% discount is also matched by the fence to sate all your illegal goods needs.

Aron Gerencser
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