Boar Vitalism Study And Golden Spirit Bear Available In Red Dead Online This Week

Naturalists have been working overtime in Red Dead Online these past few weeks with multiple Legendary Animals being spotted each time. This time there is only one unique beast for you to hunt down or take samples of, but its ferocity will make up for it. Additionally, a new kind of Vitalism Study is available for you to... experience.

Oct Bonus

The Golden Spirit Bear is as vicious as it is imposing. The massive bear has torn dozens of poachers to shreds in Big Valley, but they keep coming, attracted by the specially valuable golden-blonde fur this specimen has. Naturalists may have more luck sedating or killing the magnificent creature, but you have to be careful when approaching. This may be the most dangerous Legendary Animal to grace Red Dead Online yet.

Oct Bonus

You can pick up the Golden Spirit Bear Sighting mission from Harriet, and bring back samples to her for your reward which includes a 50% off Offer on any Established or higher Naturalist Role Item. If you choose to slay the beast, however, you can unlock the Golden Spirit Coat at Gus' trapper store - as well as Harriet's ire.

While you're at Harriet's, you should also pick up the new Vitalism Study pamphlet. This time your tripping will put you into the shoes - or hooves, rather - of a wild boar. Once you're done playing around in the mud, make sure to double time it with your Outlaw Pass progression since the end date of No. 3 is almost upon us. To help you reach those higher tiers, everyone logging into Red Dead Online this week will instantly get a bonus 5,000 Club XP.

Oct Bonus

If it's regular ranks you're struggling with, worry not - a bunch of activities are offering double XP rewards all week. Every Role mission and activity, Free Roam Events, Free Roam Missions, Races, Showdowns and A Land of Opportunities missions are rewarding players twice the standard XP through the 12th of October.

If you haven't had a chance to become a Naturalist yet, now's the time to do so because this week the initial price has been reduced by 5 Gold Bars. Additionally, Naturalist Role Items are 40% off, and Trinkets can be assembled for 30% less at Gus' store too.

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