New Pair Of Legendary Moose Spotted In Red Dead Online

If you're ever wandering through the woods and hear the shrill sound of what could only be some ethereal being crying out in torment and agony, you're probably just hearing moose rutting. In Red Dead Online this week, players can treat themselves to plenty of this cacophony, because two moose are the Legendary Animals in rotation right now.

Two huge animals have been seen traipsing around some watering spots. The Snowflake Moose doesn't get its name from being offended too easily, rather the pale white colour of its fur. You'll find the animal near Barrow Lagoon on rainy nights, trying to blend in with the snowy scenery. The only obstacle to this are the pitch-black antlers you can use to easily identify the specimen.

The Knight Moose is an inverted version of the Snowflake Moose in terms of colours, and the naming convention has us thinking someone at Rockstar is having a laugh. You'll happen upon this moose around the northern portion of the Kamassa River during daytime.

Completing the animal sighting mission associated with the Legendary Moose will earn you an offer for 30% off any weapon of your choice. Additionally, killing and skinning the animals will let you craft special clothing sets at Gus' trapper store. This week Gus is paying 50% extra for legendary hides, too.

All players who so much as log into Red Dead Online stand to receive a freebie bundle containing 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Poison Arrows and 10 Small Game Arrows. Additionally, you can save some cash with all tonics being half price in Harriet's shop all week.

Other discounts include 50% off on all Thrown Weapons and 30% off on all Pamphlets, the Improved Bow and Pistols. Make sure to hook up your Social Club account with a Prime Gaming subscription to get a bunch of free goodies in Red Dead Online, including clothes, XP and more.

Aron Gerencser
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