Rabbit Vitalism Studies, Legendary Bears In Red Dead Online This Week

Too bad one can't mix Vitalism Studies and Legendary Animal Sighting Missions, because that would mean that this week players could hunt bears as rabbits. Alas, both activities are still new and hot in Red Dead Online, alongside additional bonuses and discounts.

Sep Bonuses

A pair of intimidating Legendary bears have been spotted in the frontier. Naturally both Harriet and Gus are keen on getting their hands on samples or carcasses, and it's up to you whose wishes you fulfill. The Legendary Owiza Bear can be found near the Dakota River during night time, preferably during rain. It hunts alone, and is particularly aggressive. The Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear is no friendlier, but prefers daytime and roams near Little Creek River.

Sep Bonuses

Completing either of the two missions using either method will earn all budding Naturalists a reward for a free Hat of your choice, with a Rank cap of 15. If you choose to slay the animals, you can take their carcasses to Gus Macmillan to craft special coats. Crafting either will also earn you a reward for a free Coat of your choice.

Harriet is pursing her studies of a new species of psychoactive plants that make you hallucinate you are an animal when consumed. This time she discovered a new strain which "turns" you into a rabbit temporarily. Head over to her shop and buy a Rabbit Vitalism Study pamphlet. After your trip, you'll be able to pick up an Established or higher rank Naturalist Role Item at half price!

Sep Bonuses

If you are an Outlaw Pass holder - which you really should be! - then you'll get a free Treasure Map this week, just like that. The 40% discount on all Vests, Shirts and the Advanced Camera, however, apply to all players. The Advanced Camera is an essential tool for all Naturalists, and gives you an advantage in certain free roam events.

Aron Gerencser
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