3 Legendary Rams, Fossils In Red Dead Online This Week

In an odd break from Rockstar's previous partnership with Sony, granting Red Dead Online players on PlayStation 4 timed-exclusive content, today a weekly event was launched for every platform except the PS4. Three Legendary Animals and a unique new collection is a lot to miss out on unfortunately!

Sept Bonuses

A trio of Legendary Rams roam the wilds this week, challenging Naturalists to go all-out in this Animal Sighting mission. The Gabbro Horn Ram can be found traipsing around Rio Bravo, the Chalk Horn Ram haunts the cold Grizzlies east of Calumet Ravine and finally the Rutile Horn Ram travels between Cholla Springs and Rio Bravo - only on PC, Stadia and Xbox One.

Sept Bonuses

Completing this mission will earn you a free poncho of your choice, and incidentally the Woodcote Poncho is a new addition. Gus will also happily craft you fancy coats from the Legendary Ram hides you bring back, should you choose to kill the beasts.

Collectors also steal back a bit of the limelight that's been focused squarely on the Naturalists these past weeks - though their newest collection would befit the latter Role just as well. Three all new fossil collections are just waiting to be unearthed - or, uh, unwatered - and sold to Madam Nazar. Dig up the Coastal, Oceanic and Megafauna fossil collections for a tidy reward, also not available on PS4. Finding even just one fossil will earn you a bonus random Tarot Card, Arrowhead and Jewelry.

Sept Bonuses

All Role Free Roam Events, except for the Condor Egg event - we wonder why - are paying out double Gold, RDO$ and XP all week, so get ready to brush up on the less violent aspects of Red Dead Online and make sure you are equipped for the job. Completing Daily Challenges also comes with an added bonus - if you succeed with at least 5, you'll get 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones for free.

Two new clothing items join the selection this week, as well as new colourways for two others. Alongside these permanent additions, 8 hats have received new, limited colourways, so grab them while you still can! Additionally, players who want to be Collector can pick up the bag for 5 Gold Bars less than usual, and a bunch of Collector equipment, maps and clothes are on discount - some heavily!

Aron Gerencser
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