Legendary Shadow Buck Spotted In Red Dead Online

The latest legendary animal roaming through Red Dead Online has been spotted, with both Harriet and Gus banking on daring Naturalists to either bring back samples or carcasses for them. Players can also have a truly magical out-of-body experience with Harriett's Vitalism Studies, and there are discounts on offer too.

The Legendary Shadow Buck sounds more like a z-list arboreal comic villain, but is actually the latest Animal Sighting Mission in Red Dead Online. Spotted near Annesburg, this unique buck has a completely black pelt and strange dark antlers. This Buck is significantly more aggressive than its normal brethren, and news has also attracted violent poachers to the area, so there is plenty of danger waiting for brave Naturalists.

If you do pursue the animal regardless, you stand to be handsomely rewarded: taking samples will net you 100 rounds of Sedative Ammo and a Free Vest of your choice, while killing and skinning the animal gets you a reward for 100 Express Repeater Ammo.

Taking the Shadow Buck pelt to Gus' store will unlock the aptly named Shadow Coat for crafting. If you do actually craft it too, you'll get a reward for one free Bandolier of your choice as well alongside the outfit.

During her intrepid studies of nature, Harriet has discovered a new plant species with unique psychoactive properties. Aptly named the Harrietum Officinalis, the plant can give users hallucinations of being a Buck when consumed. Naturalists of Rank 5 and above may assist in research by undertaking this trip via the free Vitalism Studies pamphlet Harriet gives them. GTA fans will recognize the same mechanic being used in the peyote plants from that game.

The Hardcore Takeover Series is this week's playlist stripped down to the bare essentials of PvP gameplay. Take on the challenge of playing without ability cards, consumables and other special mechanics in order to get a reward for a free hat of your choice.

This week's discounts are all about being prepared for everything the frontier can throw at you, and looking stylish while doing so. All outfits, offhand holsters and gun belts are 40% off, while you can grab repeaters at 30% off. Additional weapons and clothes never go amiss.

Aron Gerencser
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