Special Bonuses For Collectors In Red Dead Online This Week

Of all the people eking a living out on the great frontier via Roles, Collectors are the best at making something out of nothing. This week in Red Dead Online, a number of bonuses help boost that particular group, so strap on your collector's bag and get digging.

Feb Bonuses

If you aren't a Collector yet in Red Dead Online, Rockstar has lowered the price of the Collector's Bag by 5 Gold Bars to allow more players to take advantage of the bonuses on offer. If you happen to be a Twitch Prime member, linking your SocialClub account will grant you the bag for free. Check out this guide if you aren't sure how to go about linking your accounts.

Feb Bonuses

A 100% Role XP Boost has been applied to all Collector activities, meaning finding any heirloom or submitting any complete collection to Madam Nazar will reward you with twice the usual points. This includes the current weekly collection, the Gold Panners Dream. Once you've completed a collection, visit Madam Nazar or the nearest Post Office for your rewards.

Finding valuables requires professional equipment and luckily several useful tools are on discount this week. The Pennington Field Shovel is 30% off, as is the Metal Detector and the Refined Binoculars. Collector's Maps, which can help you locate various relics, are half price.

Feb Bonuses

You don't have to be a Collector to benefit from all of the bonuses this week. All players who log into Red Dead Online through the 2nd of March will receive 5 entire ranks' worth of Club XP to put towards their Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club and Outlaw Pass progression.

Twitch Prime subscribers can expect more than just the Collector's Bag, as linking your accounts will also grant you a Polished Copper Moonshine Still. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members can grab 3 Mash Refills and 3 Trader Resupplies for free.

Aron Gerencser
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