Bounty Hunting Bonuses And More In Red Dead Online

This week in Red Dead Online players can stock up on returning limited-time clothing items from earlier in the game's history and take advantage of a number of role-specific bonuses. As always, there are also discounts on offer. Let's look at what's new this week!

Rockstar has brought back a number of limited edition clothing items that were rotated in and out of the in-game catalog sometime in the past. This gives new players - and veterans who missed out - a chance to grab these unique pieces, letting you further customize your character.

The returning items include the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, the Owanjila Hat, the Benbow Jacket, the Eberhart Coat, the Concho Pants, the Darned Stockings, the Bowyer Boots and the Salter Shoes. Pick these up before they're gone again!

Strap on your Collector's bag this week and make the most of a double XP bonus. Finding collectibles throughout the game world will net you 2x the usual Role XP reward. If you want to make the most of this weekly bonus, check out our Collector Role Guide.

Bounty Hunters get some attention as well. If you're about to put your hide on the line to apprehend dangerous fugitives, you can do so in the knowledge that a bonus 50% Role XP will be the reward for your troubles. This bonus applies to all Bounty Hunter activities, including Bounty Missions, Legendary Bounties and Free Roam Events. For more on how to excel as a Bounty Hunter, take a look at our Role Guide.

A number of items are on discount this week and you'll find both the practical and the fine among them. Pick up Role Weapon Variants, Role Camp Themes and Bounty & Hunting Wagons at 40% off, while all Revolvers are 30% off. Additionally, all Boots and Skirts are 70% off, and you can also grab Accessories and Collector Maps at 80% off.

Aron Gerencser
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