Gold And RDO$ Bonuses In Red Dead Online All Week

Red Dead Online players can fatten their coffers this week by engaging in some hearty competition with their peers and pick up a special reward for completing a certain number of Daily Challenges. Some rare clothing items are available again and other items are discounted all week.

Gold And Rdo$ Bonuses In Red Dead Online All Week

If you enjoy a good bit of friendly rivalry and know your way around Red Dead Online's PvP modes, you stand to earn some major cash and a lot of XP this week - especially if your skills are up to snuff. Showdown Modes and Racing Series matches are all paying out 25% more RDO$ and Gold this week than usual, alongside double XP rewards.

Gold And Rdo$ Bonuses In Red Dead Online All Week

For the less confrontational, you can always stick to doing Daily Challenges and still get a solid bonus. Completing 3 Daily Challenges this week will earn you a free Ability Card alongside the usual challenge rewards - just make sure to give the card up to 48 hours to show up in your Benefits menu.

Rockstar has extended the availability of last week's returning limited-issue clothing items, giving you until the 11th of May to purchase the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, the Owanjila Hat, the Benbow Jacket, the Eberhart Coat, the Concho Pants, the Darned Stockings, the Bowyer Boots and the Salter Shoes.

Gold And Rdo$ Bonuses In Red Dead Online All Week

Several items have been discounted too, giving you the perfect chance to spend all the money you earn with the PvP bonuses on the perks you really need. Every item that gives you access to a new Role - meaning a Bounty Hunter License, a Collector's Bag, a Butcher's Table and a Moonshiner Shack - are cheaper by 5 gold bars this week.

Wilderness Outfitters has cut the price of their entire stock in half, and you can also grab Repeaters at 40% off, all Hats at 60% off and all Pants at 70% off. Remember that Gold purchases are still supporting COVID-19 relief efforts!

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