Catch The Iwakta Panther In Red Dead Online This Week

With the Halloween themed bonuses from last week still mostly active, it's only fitting that the current Legendary Animal is a lethal predator. Alongside this new challenging beast to track down, several other bonuses are available this week, and since the spooky holiday hasn't rolled around yet, its theme is retained.

Oct Bonuses

The Legendary Iwakta Panther is a cunning and bloodthirsty animal. After killing livestock around Braithwaite Manor it developed a taste for human flesh - now that workers are disappearing too, Naturalists far and wide have been alerted to either document or slay the beast haunting the manor grounds.

Oct Bonuses

This panther won't give its hide or its, uh, samples easy, so make sure you are prepared for a dangerous hunt. Successfully completing the sighting mission will let you craft the Iwakta Coat at Gus' Trapper Store, provided you chose the deadly approach. He's also selling another piece of brand new hardware - the Improved Bow Variant - Jaguar.

Buying either of these items will also unlock a reward for a free single bandolier of your choosing. Additionally, all Trapper Hats and Saddlebags are 40% off at Gus's store this week, making it extra hard to be a conservationist. Sampling the Panther will still net you Role XP and RDO$!

Two new hats have appeared in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue alongside new colourways for 7 other clothing items. All of the special Halloween items are also still available from the store and Madam Nazar, but only through the 2nd of November.

Oct Bonuses

The Gold Bar price reductions for unlocking Roles are still active, and joined by some interesting new discounts - Gun Belts, Bandoliers, Double Bandoliers, Ponchos, Saddles, Improved Saddles and Saddle Equipment are all 40% off, while you can get Pistols, Revolvers and Horses at a 30% discount.

If you have a penchant for photography, keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement from Rockstar - soon the Naturalist Photo Challenge will kick off, where 6 lucky (or skilled, rather) entrants will have their shots immortalised as in-game artwork. Stay tuned for more!

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