Red Dead Online Bonuses Focus On Traders And Moonshiners This Week

Business is booming in the Wild West, with enterprising businessmen and women carving their bountiful slice out of the frontier. This week is all about the two Roles in Red Dead Online focusing on business and eking a living out of the harsh world the game is set in. There are also a bunch of new clothing items on offer, too!

Rockstar salutes all the brave Traders and Moonshiners building their business empires out in the wilderness with some gifts. Any player who has the Trader role unlocked and logs into Red Dead Online through the 9th of November will get a reward for 25 free Trader Goods, while Moonshiners will get one free Mash refill.

If you complete a successful sale as either role this week, you'll also receive a free Treasure Map that can lead you to riches, while reaching Rank 5 with either Roles will grant you a reward for one free Horse of Rank 40 or lower. If you're already at or past Rank 5 with these roles, you'll get the reward automatically.

A number of outfits and clothing items have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue this week, some of which are returning while others are completely new. These include the Tasman Outfit, the Danube Outfit, the Benbow Jacket, the Squat Stovepipe Hat, the Morning Tail Coat, the Plaid Cap, the Gator Hat, the Manteca hat, the Gardenia Hat, the Hitched Skirt, the Tied Pants, the Carver Pants, the Woodland Gloves, the Ortega Vest, the Strickland Boots, the Calhoun Boots and various limited colourways for the Patterned Bandana.

That's a sizeable chunk of all the limited time clothing items that have been rotating in and out of the game store since launch, giving newer players a fantastic opportunity to update their wardrobes with some classic pieces that usually aren't available. With so many of these older items being made available simultaneously it may be a while before they pop up again - if ever - so go shopping!

Aron Gerencser
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