Bounty Hunter And Collector Bonuses In Red Dead Online

Following last week's focus on the Traders and Moonshiners of Red Dead Online, the spotlight shifts to the remaining two Roles (since the Naturalist had plenty of love in the weeks following its release), and it's time to give the Bounty Hunter and Collector their own share of bonuses.

Alongside these bonuses there are also some new items available in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue.

All players who log into Red Dead Online this week will receive a free package of collectibles including 2 x Bird’s Eggs, 2 x Arrowheads and 2 x Family Heirlooms which may just be what you are missing to finish off these collections and deliver them to Madam Nazar. Additionally, all Collectors who find 5 collectibles will get an Offer for 40% off a Collector Role Item of Established or higher Rank.

If you reached Rank 5 as a Collector already, you can expect to get 4 Megafauna Fossils for free, as well as a Reward for one free Coat of your choice - if not, make sure you hurry up, because reaching Rank 5 anytime before this week is over will net you these rewards too!

Bounty Hunters on the other hand can expect a significant pay raise this week with regular bounties paying out +50%. If you also complete any Legendary Bounties, you'll get an Offer for 40% off one Established or higher Role item, mirroring the bonuses handed out to Collectors. The Rank 5 awards for this Role are a Reward for a free Role Outfit, Emote or Accessory of your choice.

A bunch of clothing items are available in-game for a limited time only, so make sure you pick these up before they're gone! The selection includes the Porter Jacket, the Charro Jacket, the Concho Pants, the Raccoon Hat, the Shaffer Chaps, the Cardozo Vest, the Irwin Coat, the Prieto Poncho, the Owanjila Hat, the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, the Furred Gloves, the Darned Stockings, the Bowyer Boots and the Morales Vest.

Aron Gerencser
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