Elimination Series Playlist Arrives In Red Dead Online

New clothing items accompany a few other bonuses as well as a new in-game playlist this week in Red Dead Online and should tide players over until Rockstar adds new gameplay content to the multiplayer version of the Wild West epic. It's also your last chance to redeem some care packages if you reached the necessary level requirements.

The main new additions this week are customization items for your characters. The Lightfoot Pants are a stylish fashion statement with elaborate stitched designs. The Austin Boots are a perfect match for anyone who wants to wear their patriotism on their feet with its eagle pattern.

These two permanent additions are joined with a new round of limited clothing items. For the discerning frontiersman, the Charro Jacket is a perfect combination of rugged and stylish, the Vaquero Baroque Sprus are functional yet elegant, and finally the Clymene Coat is a fancy two-tone overgarment. Players can also grab the new Hissy Fit emote to display your dissatisfaction.

If you want a new spin on Red Dead Online's structured PvP, the Elimination Series playlist is for you. While it doesn't add any new game modes or maps, it does give you certain bonuses. The regular Elimination Series is a string of Make It Count maps, while Elimination Series Large upgrades to Gun Rush with more players.

Playing Elimination Series matches will grant you a 30% XP and RDO$ boost for those matches and every victory will earn you an additional 60x High Velocity Ammo for all weapon types. If you enjoy these Battle Royale game modes already, then playing Elimination Series is a net win.

This week there is a universal 25% discount on all tonics, so stock up while the rebate lasts. You should also double down on ranking up if you haven't reached Rank 10 yet or are nearing Rank 20, since this is the last week that you can redeem special care packages based on these rank requirements.

Aron Gerencser
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