Sport Of Kings Mode Added To Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online's newest game mode will test your riding skills as well as your combat prowess. Joining the new mode are a series of new clothing options, various additional bonuses to make progression a bit easier, and a pair of care packages to help you out with consumables.

In Sport Of Kings, your horsemanship and team coordination abilities will be required to secure victory for your team. The goal is to use the torch to light your team's signal fires that are scattered throughout the map. When all of your fires are lit, you score a point.

There is only one torch, and other players can grab it from you if you die while carrying it. To that end, everyone is equipped with shotguns, and there are explosive arrow pickups present on the map. You light the signal fires by riding through them with the torch.

Three new clothing items have been added to the in-game catalog. The Strung Sombrero is perfect in the summer heat, the Gibbston Pants are rugged and tough for the road, and finally the Chuparosa Poncho gets a black repaint for all the edgy characters out there.

Players will also receive care packages this week based on what ranks they have reached in the game. Anyone who is at least Rank 10 will get a bonus 20x Fire, Poison and Small Game arrows as well as 5x Predator and Herbivore baits. However, if you've hit Rank 20 or above, you'll get a second package as well, this time containing 3x Minty, Oregano and Thyme Big Game Meats, 5x Jolly Jacks's, Cocaine Gum, Moonshine, Gin, Guarma Rum and Fire Brandy as well as 10x Corned Beef and Canned Salmon.

To help you reach these rank requirements, this week there is a universal 30% increase on all XP. Any activity in Red Dead Online that earns you XP will give you that much more.

Aron Gerencser
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