First Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Is A Joker Skin For Arthur

Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is barely out the door, having launched earlier today, but it's already got its first mod available for download. Whether modding is even possible was hanging in the air leading up to release, but we now definitively know that it's possible - and already happening.

First Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Is A Joker Skin For Arthur

The very first Red Dead Redemption 2 mod is a player skin mod, and one that taps into current popular culture too. It alters Arthur Morgan's face to look like the Joker, specifically, the version seen in the recent Joker movie who is the alter ego of a man called Arthur Fleck.

While this is technically the first mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 posted online, there isn't actually any way to install it yet, since nobody quite knows how to install new textures from third party sources - the modding team is hard at work to find out, though.

First Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Is A Joker Skin For Arthur

The mod itself is an accurate and high-quality texture, recreating the iconic face paint of one of the best known comic book villains in the world perfectly. This isn't the spotless, full-face variant, as the pain has been smeared away from much of the right side of his face.

We're interested to see how modding will work, since it appears that the Rockstar Games Launcher checks all game files before each launch and if any alterations are detected, it deletes foreign files and redownloads everything as it appears in the clean install. Then again, excluding files from this checkup is one of the crash-fixes players have devised, so excluding modded files is likely the way to go.

While not mods strictly speaking, this isn't the only file players have been sharing - save games are already circulating, allowing players to skip the lengthy intro sequence if they have already played the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and want to get right into the action.

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