Fishing Challenge Swims Into Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online's latest scheduled content update has rolled around and a new free roam event is available for players. Additionally, new limited edition items have been added to the game's item catalog, a new XP boost is live and you can pick up a new care package.


Giving the aspiring anglers of the Wild West a chance to shine is the all new Fishing Challenge free roam event, which is now part of the standard even rotation in-game. If you opt-in, you'll be transported to the location of the challenge - which varies between swamps, lakes and rivers - once it is triggered and given all of the equipment necessary to catch the largest amount of fish in weight before the timer runs out. If you come out on top, you'll earn a tidy reward in XP and gold.


Rockstar has also revealed the release dates of other upcoming game modes.

Target races, which task you not only with crossing the finish line first, but hitting targets in the meantime, is arriving on the 26th of March. On the same day, Open Target Races will be added as a timed exclusive on PS4, staying locked for Xbox players for 30 days. On the 2nd of April, the Up In Smoke showdown mode will be added to the game, followed by Plunder on the 9th.

If you like to accessorize, you'll be particularly interested in this week's limited clothing options available from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. The Gator Hat, Ortega Vest, Woodland Gloves and Pelt Half Chaps are available this week only.


Satisfy the tracker in you with a bit of hunting as the activity now carries a 30% XP boost this week, allowing you to climb levels faster while downing game in the wild. All players have also received a care package styled after the new Fishing Challenge mode, packed with lures and baits.

Check back next week to learn more about the upcoming Target Races.

Aron Gerencser
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