Free Money & Exclusive Clothes For Red Dead Online Players

Players who were hoping for a major new Red Dead Online content release this week, after something of a drought, will be disappointed. However, we'd rather Rockstar take time to produce the best updates and features possible without pushing its developers to crunch.

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This week players can purchase some exclusive clothing items and earn some free in-game cash.

You can customize your character's style in news ways with the Owanjila Hat, the Manteca Hat, the Benbow Jacket, the Porter Jacket, the Woodland Gloves and the Tied Pants. These clothing items will only be available in the catalogue this week - unless they're brought back for an equally limited one-week run sometime in the future.

Free Money & Exclusive Clothes For Red Dead Online Players

Additionally, Red Dead Online players who have dedicated some time to the game can expect to get a reward for their loyalty. All players who hit Rank 10 by the 13th of May - next Monday - will be awarded with an in-game bonus of RDO$100. The reward itself will be delivered by May 15 to all eligible accounts. Players who are already Rank 10 are automatically eligible, provided they log in sometime this week.

Rockstar has put itself into something of a tough situation. By providing consistent new content every week for GTA Online for years, and briefly indicating that they're following the same model for Red Dead Online, they have created an expectation in the player base. While the company absolutely has the resources to pull this off, it isn't reasonable to expect meaningful gameplay content to be produced non-stop under normal circumstances.

While with the numerous release delays that Red Dead Redemption 2 suffered they've proven that allowing more time for polishing content is absolutely worth the wait, it would be beneficial to release some official statement addressing projected release windows for upcoming Red Dead Online DLC. The multiplayer mode has received highly mixed responses from the player base, and if Rockstar wants it to get anywhere near the level of GTA Online, they'll need to be more communicative with the fans.

Check back next week to see what additions they've made for the game.

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