No New Red Dead Online Content, Timed Exclusives Available On Xbox

For the second week in a row Rockstar hasn't updated Red Dead Online with any new content. Instead, content previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 as part of the timed exclusivity deal between Rockstar and Sony has been unlocked on Xbox One as well.

Rockstar Details Upcoming Red Dead Online Features

Usually, going 2 weeks without new content isn't at all strange. Most games, even those which fall into the relatively new 'games-as-a-service' category get less frequent content updates. However, Red Dead Online had seemingly adopted the weekly DLC model that has been used in Grand Theft Auto Online for years now, setting up similar expectations.

No New Red Dead Online Content, Timed Exclusives Available On Xbox

Xbox players now have access to the variant mode of Target Races which strips away the track. In Open Target Races, your goal is to shoot all the targets in any order you like within the arena, then dash to the finish line and be the first across. The exclusive weapons and emotes, including the Jawbone Knife or the Hartman Jacket.

Additionally, all players can take the chance to rack up extra cash this week with a 30% bonus on RDO$ and Gold earned throughout all A Land Of Opportunities and Free Roam missions, Free Roam events and all Showdown Modes.

No New Red Dead Online Content, Timed Exclusives Available On Xbox

Considering Rockstar themselves have laid out a roadmap for upcoming features, and players have been somewhat vocal about their dislike of the game in its current state, the lack of content - or information about content - seems strange. Red Dead Redemption 2 captured the hearts of fans and enjoyed universal praise, but it's been a bumpy road for the multiplayer mode.

The negative feedback may be the root cause of this sudden drop in new content. Hopefully, Rockstar's developers are hard at work producing something that will turn the game's current perception around. A large content update which, beyond adding more gameplay opportunities, would implement the new features outlined officially would go a long way to generate some good PR.

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