Free Roam Bonuses Stride Into Red Dead Online This Week

The great outdoors are one of the main draws of Red Dead Online, giving players the chance to set off into the wilderness and just ride until something of note comes along. This sense of freedom is what attracted many players to the game, and this week the bonuses are perfect for the free souls among you.

As you are riding around out and about in the game world, you're often prone to bump into all sorts of interesting people with various tasks they need help with. This week, completing any Free Roam Mission will earn you double the usual XP reward, helping you climb those Ranks faster, leading to powerful unlocks.

This XP bonus extends to Free Roam Events as well, which in turn usually pit you against other players either directly in PvP combat, or indirectly by giving you all a point-based task and awarding whoever performs with the greatest distinction first place.

Lone wolves might want to consider joining up with a pack just this week, and existing gangs will be able to readily reap the rewards of cooperation - when playing in a Posse, all Free Roam Missions will pay out 40% bonus RDO$ and XP. Aside of the neat money bonus, this XP bonus stacks with the global double boost, letting you smash those Ranks even quicker.

Since you're bound to be jumping up Ranks with these bonuses going, there are some extra rewards for leveling up. For your first rank-up of the week, you'll get a one-time bonus of a free Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map. If you climb 3 ranks this week, you'll get the North Ridgewood Treasure Map and a free Ability Card, whereas real grinders who gain 6 ranks will get the Lake Isabella Treasure Map, two free Ability Cards, and RDO$150.

Make the most of this week's bonuses by using Quick Travel for free, taking you closer to the best Free Roam Event and Mission spots. If you've been hitting it out alone and plan to socialize for the bonuses, hop to the barber shop and become presentable for free!

This week's limited time items consist of the Carbow Double Bandolier, Fernwater Coat, Torranca Coat, Folwell Hat, Griffith Chaps and Porter Jacket. The discounts include 30% off on all Shotguns, Repeaters, Gun Belts, Skirts, Pants, Boots and 40% off all Stable Slots, Horse Tonics, Horse Food and War and Work horse breeds.

Aron Gerencser
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