Gun Rush Bonuses And Outlaw Pass Rewards In Red Dead Online This Week

Good things come to those who wait, and free things come to those who own the Outlaw Pass. Rewards for pass holders are joined by a few bonus earning opportunities in Red Dead Online this week, so load up on ammo and get ready to rumble.

Apr Bonuses

Hardcore versions of PvP game modes in Red Dead Online are a perfect choice for players who prefer to rely on skill rather than newfangled mechanics. No Ability Cards or consumables, just you and your weapons. This week, Hardcore Gun Rush and Gun Rush Teams are on the Featured Series menu, offering double rewards for each match of the near-battle royale played.

Gun Rush Bonuses And Outlaw Pass Rewards In Red Dead Online This Week

Duke it out and be the last cow-person standing in an ever shrinking arena to earn twice the riches. If you win, you'll get a one-time Offer allowing you to buy any hat up to Rank 15 at half price, but the double rewards bonus applies regardless of how you perform.

If you prefer a solo experience, A New Source Of Employment is here for you. All three single player telegram missions are paying out double rewards, so if you decide to help out the mysterious J with his clandestine dealings, you'll walk away all the better compensated.

Outlaw Pass holders who log into Red Dead Online this week will receive a Reward good for one free Role Outfit, Accessory or Emote of your choice alongside an instant bonus of 5 Fast Travel Vouchers and 2,000 Character XP.

Gun Rush Bonuses And Outlaw Pass Rewards In Red Dead Online This Week

Even if you are not a Pass holder, logging into the game anytime this week will land you a bonus of 3,000 Club XP and 2 Miracle Tonics. Additionally, all Camp Relocation fees will be waived through next Monday.

This week's discounts include 40% off on the Deluxe Campfire, all Pamphlets and the entire catalogue of Wilderness Outfitters, while all ammunition is half-price.

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