Keep The Booze Flowing In Red Dead Online With Moonshiner Bonuses

After last week's Featured Series bonuses, we're back to the tried (tired?) and true routine of Role bonuses in Red Dead Online. This week Moonshiners are in the spotlight as far as freebies and extra payouts go, and there are some sweet discounts too.

Apr Bonuses

Life as a Moonshiner isn't just about serving up drinks to distinguished patrons in a cozy watering hole with a band playing some chill tunes - to keep your business running, you'll have to face down the dangers of the wild west day by day.

Apr Bonuses

To make bootlegging all the more profitable this week, Moonshiners will be raking in double RDO$ and Character XP for completing Story and Bootlegging missions related to the Role, whereas completing Moonshine sales will earn you 1.5X the usual cash rewards, alongside twice the Role XP.

To help push out those profit margins a little more, all players who have unlocked the Moonshiner Role logging in at any point this week will get 10 Free Mash Refills. If you make the world a bit easier on your fellow criminals by destroying five Revenue Agent roadblocks you'll also get a gratis Offer for 40% off any Novice or Promising Moonshiner Item.

There are some extras for players on both ends of the spectrum: those who haven't begun their journey as a Moonshiner, and those who progressed so far as to reach Rank 20. The former will be able to unlock the Moonshiner Role at a 5 Gold Bar discount, whereas the latter will get an Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Moonshiner Item provided they complete at least one sale during the week.

Apr Bonuses

Further sweetening the deal for all involved is the fact that all fees on Shack Relocations have been waived - and the same is true of fast travel fees. You can also earn yourself an Offer for 30% off any Poncho by merely navigating to the Benefits menu.

Limited Time items available this week consist of the Ortega Vest, Plaid Cap, Carver Pants, Pelt Half Chaps and the Raccoon Hat. You can complement these fine articles of clothing with discounted items, including 40% off Norfolk Roadster Horses and Moonshiner Role Outfits, as well as 30% off Vests, Emotes and Moonshine Shack and Still upgrades.

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