Earn A Free Treasure Map With Red Dead Online Daily Challenges This Week

This week Rockstar Games is giving Red Dead Online players some extra incentive to complete daily objectives. Additionally, players who have unlocked the Moonshiner Role can benefit from some targeted bonuses, and the second leg of the Outlaw Pass program begins.

Daily Challenges are a great way to make some extra cash and gold on the side, especially if you are diligent with them and keep up your streak. This week, it doesn't take an entire 28 day unbroken streak to earn a treasure map - simply completing five Daily Challenges will do the trick. Collect your reward from a lockbox or post office within 48 hours of completing the missions!

If you have already entered the bootlegging business and become a Moonshiner, then take advantage of this week's XP bonus to speed up your progress. You'll be earning an extra 50% of Role XP on Moonshiners Story Missions, Moonshiner Sell Missions and Bootlegging Missions. Get on it once you're done with your Daily Challenges!

The Outlaw Pass No.2 is kicking off this week, offering another stretch of goals and bonuses for avid Red Dead Online players to earn. You'll need to hurry though as you can only sign up for the Outlaw Pass No.2 until the 10th of March, but if you do it by the 8th, you'll get a welcome bonus of 10 Ranks' worth of Club XP for a head start.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. is discounting a number of items in the in-game catalogue. If you are in the market for a new steed, take a look at Arabian Breeds - they're usually higher-end mounts and are currently 25% off. If you want to accessorize, keep in mind the 30% discount on all Bandoliers and Vests.

In keeping with the idiom about giving a man a fish, or teaching a man to fish, the tools you need to live off the land are on sale as well. Pick up the Fishing Rod or the Hunting Bow for 40% less than the usual price. All of these discounts are available through the 9th of March.

Aron Gerencser
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