Lost Your Red Dead Online Challenge Streak? Rockstar Might Have You Covered

Red Dead Online offers players a vast breadth of content to tackle, and with so much to do it's sometimes hard to pick what to spend time on. Daily Challenges are here to make that decision easier, giving you a rotating checklist of tasks to perform every day.

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Completing these challenges will net you additional awards beyond the RDO$, Gold and XP you'd earn from performing the required activities by default. If you're diligent and complete all of your daily challenges, day after day without fault, you'll start a streak that will grant you increasingly impressive rewards the longer you keep it up.

Lost Your Red Dead Online Challenge Streak? Rockstar Might Have You Covered

Sometimes life has other plans and you can't login one day for whatever reason. Bothersome, but understandable. However, some players have been losing their streaks even though they kept up their daily challenges every single day. Due to a bug, network issues, or some server-side kerfuffle, sometimes you'll lose the streak even if you completed all your challenges - but don't fret.

Several players have reported on various community sites, including our own, that if this issue strikes Rockstar Support may step in to salvage the situation, at least partially.

Players who reported the loss of their daily challenge streaks even though they completed all the tasks each day may receive compensation in the form of Gold and XP.

Lost Your Red Dead Online Challenge Streak? Rockstar Might Have You Covered

Note that there is no guarantee you'll get compensated - some players report Rockstar Support simply saying there is nothing they can do - however server logging should turn up evidence that you truly did keep up your streak. You won't get the streak back, which is a bummer, but some players received reimbursement of 20 Gold Bars and RDO$ 500, for example.

Keep in mind that since server logs are the only way to verify this, you can't game the system and claim you lost a streak you never had. It may seem like easy money, but you'll just end up making a fool of yourself!

Be sure to check out our challenge guide while you're here.

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