The Holidays Have Come To Red Dead Online

The holiday season is here, with even those areas usually not covered in snow temporarily wearing white. Towns have been decorated, bonuses are abound and there are presents waiting for everyone. The festivities have arrived to Red Dead Online - let's see what that means, exactly.

Red Dead Online Holiday Image Scaled

Players logging into Red Dead Online during the holiday season will all receive a free Coat and a free Repeater of their choice, delivered as a reward redeemable at stores, found in your Benefits tab. Additionally, the Winter Evans Repeater variant is free at all gunsmiths, while the rare Krampus Shotgun variant of the Double Barrel Shotgun is temporarily available. To make the festive version of the gun more widely available, the Rank Restriction of the Double Barrel Shotgun has been lifted for the time being.

Red Dead Online Holiday Image

Brand new Grey, Black, Chestnut and Perlino variants of the Turkoman horse breed are available at stables throughout Red Dead Online. If you're short on cash, grab some friends and jump into the Festive Showdown playlist, paying out triple the usual RDO$ and XP.

The festivities cannot put an end to the regular weekly bonuses from rolling out, and once again the spotlight shines on the Bounty Hunters of the frontier, gaining double Role XP for all Role activities performed this week. On that note, this week's Legendary Bounty is an insane cult leader called Virgil "The Shepherd" Edwards, wanted dead or alive to put an end to his bloody rituals.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Virgil The Shepherd Edwards

Several items are discounted as part of the holiday celebrations, including a 30% discount on all items available at Wilderness Outfitters, while Butcher Tables and Moonshiner Shacks are 5 and 10 gold bars off, respectively. Shack upgrades, Trader wagons and Moonshiner Items are 30% off to help keep the business booming.

Additionally, all shotguns available from Wheeler, Rawson & Co. are 40% off, while Bandoliers, Ponchos, Arabian, War, Work and Race Horse breeds are all 30% off.

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