Del Lobos Leader Wanted Dead or Alive In Red Dead Online This week

Continuing the second batch of Legendary Bounties kicked off by last week's release of the Bounty Hunters DLC in Red Dead Online is the much feared leader of the Del Lobos gang. Capture or dispatch the target to complete the contract, take advantage of a number of Bounty Hunter discounts and more.

Del Lobos Leader Wanted Dead Or Alive In Red Dead Online This Week

Carmela "La Muñeca" Montez recently rose to the leadership position of the notorious and brutal Del Lobos gang and has already made quite the name for herself with a string of savage crimes, mainly highway robberies. She has accumulated quite the bounty on her head, and it falls to you to track down her war wagon, fight through her posse and capture or kill her for the reward.

Del Lobos Leader Wanted Dead Or Alive In Red Dead Online This Week

She was last spotted capturing the Hanging Dog Ranch in West Elizabeth using her War Wagon. Head out and claim the reward which has been increased by 50% - alongside every bounty, including the 3-part Infamous Bounties. Make sure you own a Prestigious Bounty Hunter License to access Legendary and Infamous Bounties. Bounty Hunters can purchase a horse of their choosing at a 30% discount this week, and take 30% off any Weapon of their choice if they complete one Legendary Bounty.

Gus is holding a special promotion through the 21st of December, giving all customers a one-time care package of 5 Special Health Cures, 200 Express Rifle Ammo rounds and 10 pieces of Big Game Meat when visiting to help them along with their hunting exploits - and everything in his store is 30% off. Additionally, everyone who owns the Outlaw Pass will get two free Ability Cards and a bonus of 5,000 XP.

Del Lobos Leader Wanted Dead Or Alive In Red Dead Online This Week

The initial cost of becoming a Collector or a Naturalist has been reduced by 5 Gold Bars this week, and there is also a 40% discount on Novice and Promising Naturalist Items and Cosmetic Collector items. Remember - finding any Collectible this week will earn you one free emote! The Bolt-Action and Elephant Rifles are 30% off this week too.

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