Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunters DLC Live Now

Calling all gunslingers who are quick on the draw, adept with lassoes and have a strong sense of justice - or just a need for cash. Either works. The Bounty Hunters DLC is now live in Red Dead Online, adding a wealth of new content to everyone's favorite role and money to your pocket, if you brave all the newest missions.

Dec Bonuses

The all-new Prestigious Bounty Hunter license is now available from every bounty board in the game, raising the Role Rank cap to 30, up from the previous 20. It's not only a bonus of 10 ranks - 30 is a soft limit where you'll continue to earn Bounty Hunter Role XP, except instead of getting numerical advantages you can trade the excess XP for Gold and RDO$.

Those 10 new ranks are more than just additional numbers to earn, coming with exciting new Role items and perks to unlock, including further upgrades to the Bounty Wagon and dangerous new tools to help you take down targets. This week, all Bounty Hunters can take a 40% discount on all Role items up to Rank 20, leaving more funds over for the new toys.

Dec Bounty

With the new Bounty Hunter update thrusting the frontier's vigilantes back into the spotlight, it is once again time to wheel out the Legendary Bounties for maximum challenge and maximum reward, with new targets to track down. First up is Gene "Beau" Finley, a rookie burglar trying to steal his way to fame. You can find him and his lackeys in a formerly abandoned estate in the Bayou Nwa - which may be familiar to folks who played through the story of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The fourth season of the Outlaw Pass has also kicked off today, bringing a fresh set of tiers and unlock to work your way through. The pass costs 40 Gold Bars to purchase, but if you buy it this week you'll get 10 back, as well as a bonus of RDO$ 400. The new season is filled with emotes, outfits, camp upgrades, pamphlets and more!

Today's update also brings a bunch of improvements and features not strictly related to the Bounty Hunter role. A new way to customize your character is the Gunspinning Management menu to tailor the various gunspinning tricks you can flaunt in-game to your preference.

Since it's also the turn of the weekly event, there are bonuses and discounts on offer. A Land of Opportunities missions are doling out double XP all week, with the Kill Them, Each and Every One and Destroyed by Grief missions also awarding a RDO$ 100 bonus upon completion.

Simply logging into Red Dead Online this week is profitable - everyone will get 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP for free. If you are already at Rank 5, you'll get a free Treasure Map, and if you have reached Rank 10 you'll get a free Ability Card Upgrade. Reaching either of these thresholds later during the week will also make you eligible.

A number of items are 30% off at the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. stores this week, including Stable Slots, Repeaters, Saddles, Pistols, Coats, Horses, Vests and Outfits!

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