Bounty Hunter & A Land Of Opportunities Bonuses In Red Dead Online

Players with a like for a bit of narrative in their missions, and those among you with a burning need to visit justice upon evildoers, will have your hands full this week - Red Dead Online is bringing A Land of Opportunities and Bounty Hunter missions to the forefront with the current bonuses.

Nov Bonuses

Makes sense, since Rockstar announced new upcoming Bounty Hunter DLC dropping next week!

A Land of Opportunities missions comprise the bulk of Red Dead Online's narrative content, being 'story missions' in essence. You are tasked with helping Jessica LeClerk to exact frontier justice in an action-packed revenge story. These missions are rewarding players with double XP all week long.

Nov Bonuses

Bounty Hunters can also expect to earn double XP for every successfully completed contract. Bring in the dirt of the frontier, or simply silence them forever. Either way, you'll be making progress at twice the speed, which you'll need to get ready for the Bounty Hunters DLC launching next week.

The new DLC, announced alongside Red Dead Online's standalone version coming on the 1st of December, will add 10 more Role Ranks to climb, a bunch of new contracts and legendary bounties as well as a bevy of new Role Items to earn and buy. This DLC will launch alongside the newest season of The Outlaw Pass adding 100 tiers of unlockables.

Nov Bonuses

This week's discounts include a 40% price reduction on all Outfits and Role Outfits, 30% off on all Repeaters, Pistols and the Schofield Revolver and 30% off all Horses and Saddles. You can also grab all Coats and Vests at a 30% discount.

Make sure to check back for more information on the upcoming Bounty Hunters DLC launching next week, and remember to rope in all of your friends who didn't drop the full price on the whole game to pick up Red Dead Online standalone in the holiday season!

Aron Gerencser
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