Del Lobos Gang

The Del Lobos Gang is a hostile faction that appears in Red Dead Redemption 2. They also appear in Red Dead Online as opponents.

Del Lobos Gang


The Del Lobos Gang is mentioned in the Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition description as the main focus of the Gang Hideout exclusive Story Mission included in it. The gang has taken over a hacienda, and clearing the hideout will allow players to loot whatever the gang stashed away. Completion of the mission is not mandatory, as it's a mission created exclusively for the Special Edition.

Red Dead Redemption features a location named Del Lobo Rock in the Rio Bravo region, New Austin territory, so there's a good chance that the Del Lobos gang is somewhat related to the location.

The Del Lobos are a violent group of outlaws consisting primarily of Mexican criminals and exiles. They primarily operate out of Thieves' Landing, and mainly deal in robbery and extortion. The gang appears as a hostile faction on Red Dead Online with great frequency.

They hold a grudge against the US government due to the political fallout of the Mexican-American War, but count numerous American outlaws among their ranks as well. Alongside Thieves' Landing, they also operate out of Fort Mercer and the abandoned military base at Río Bravo.

Between 1899 and 1907, they are highly active and notorious, particularly in New Austin. They are also somewhat present in locations such as Tumbleweed and the MacFarlane Ranch, and az far as Ambarino. Here, one mission involves them and their local leader Flaco Hernández.

By 1911, the group has no presence in the area, and has either been disbanded or wiped out by law enforcement, other gangs or roaming rival outlaws.


  • Their name means The Wolves in Spanish, and they share the name with a rock formation called Del Lobo Rock, named for its shape.

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