Horse Races Pay Triple In Red Dead Online

Weekly bonuses and events are making a return to Red Dead Online, and this time around the focus falls on horses and horse racing. Challenges, discounts and more specialties this week all focus on our equine companions, celebrating the game's primary form of travel.

Jun Bonuses

If you're confident of your skills as a jockey, you'll have a chance to turn that talent into cold hard cash this week. All races are paying out triple rewards - that includes RDO$, Gold and XP - and all week Daily Challenges that somehow involve your steed will be prioritized. If horse racing doesn't come that naturally, check out our guide!

Jun Bonuses

Since you'll likely be pushing your horse harder this week than usual, they deserve some more love and care. Horse Core Provisions are free all week long, so make sure to hoard all that Horse Medicine and carrots while they're gratis. Cores are one of the game's more complex mechanics, so our guide may come in handy.

It will come as no surprise that this week's discounts are all horse-themed as well. Arabian breeds and additional Stable Slots for more horses are 30% off. Both regular Saddles and Improved Saddles are 40% off, and you can pick up Saddlebags, Stirrups, Horns, Blankets and Bedrolls at half price. Additionally, the Horseman and Friends For Life Ability Cards as well as every Tier 3 Ability Card upgrade are 50% off too. If all this seems a little confusing, our Ability Card guide has you covered.

Jun Bonuses

Keep in mind that there are still freebies on offer for players who link their Twitch account with a Prime subscription to their Rockstar Social Club account. Eligible players will get a free Polished Copper Moonshiner Still, 5 Moonshiner Role Ranks and a Collector's Bag. Here's how you can link your accounts. To make the most of these goods, take a look at our Collector and Moonshiner Role guides.

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